At Least 4,164 People, Including Americans, Killed in Iraq During May


During May, at least 4,164 people were killed and 2,396
were wounded
in Iraq. These figures should be considered very low
estimates. Heavy fighting at the Fallujah and Mosul frontlines prevents
independent verification of any reports, but we do know there is heaving
fighting going on. In April,
4,609 were killed and 1,772 were injured.

At least 652 civilians were killed, and 1,852 were wounded.
Security personnel lost 290 members, while 438 more were wounded. At least
3,218 militants were also killed, and 106 more were wounded, according to media

Also killed in Iraq during May were two American service
members, one Australian contractor, and an Australian N.G.O. worker. Several
U.S. service members were wounded.

In other news:

A U.S.
service member was wounded
in northern Iraq near Erbil. Although the
service member was not participating in “active combat,” the injuries were the
result of indirect fire from Islamic State militants.

Islamic State militants staged
a counter attack on Iraqi forces in southern Fallujah, particularly in
the Nuaimiya area. Several humanitarian groups publicly addressed their
fears that conditions in Fallujah are deteriorating for civilians; many are
being used as human
. Witnesses in Fallujah say
that the militants are angry at the lack of support and have been rounding up
young men and boys.

At least 116 people were killed and 34 were wounded in
recent violence:

A suicide
targeting militamen killed
four people and wounded 13 more
in Suleiman Bek.

In Baghdad, a bomb near a Za’afaraniya medical
center killed
one person and wounded six more
. A sniper killed
one policeman and wounded two more
at a checkpoint in Arab Jabour. Two
people were killed and eight were wounded
in a blast in Yusufiya.

A roadside bomb in Maktab killed
a civilian and wounded two more
, who were trying to escape Daesh territory.

Peshmerga were killed and several were wounded
while liberating four
village near Mosul.

In Bashir, a bomb wounded
three militiamen

Security forces estimate that 75
militants were killed
during battles in Fallujah.

Peshmerga forces in Makhmour killed
22 militants
during an attack.

At least seven
militants were killed
in Qaim.

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