Arianna Huffington Courts Global Elite in Effort to Undermine Alternative Media

New platform for Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt to preach to the benighted masses

Kurt Nimmo

Arianna Huffington pocketed tens of millions when she sold citizen journalist platform Huffpo to AOL. Photo: C2-MTL

Arianna Huffington is behind an effort to afford the one percenters their own voice on a medium flooded with the dangerous political ideas of commoners.

Huffington, who sold her Huffington Post to media giant America Online (and in the process angered no shortage of starry-eyed leftists), has teamed up with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen to create World Post, a news and comment website.

The site will use the same worker model as the Huffington Post. It will exploit unpaid citizen journalists who will serve as bunting on a stage dominated by the likes of former British prime minister Tony Blair, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

“You can have all those heads of state and major business people, etcetera etcetera, writing right next to an unemployed man from Spain, a student from Brazil. The great heart of HuffPo is no hierarchy,” Huffington told The Guardian.

Huffington’s venture will receive an appropriate christening. It will be rolled out at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this month. The Davos shindig holds a special place in the globalist constellation along with the G7, World Bank, World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund.

The idea is to use the Huffington Post model to get the global elite message to the masses. This is critically important now that the establishment’s dinosaur media is dying and millions of people are flocking to alternative media websites beyond the grasp of the corporate media.

“I think there will be a few media voices that really have weight and will survive but fewer and fewer,” Berggruen predicted.

The Huffington post venture arrives as a tidal wave of investment cash is being doled out to new media operations, most notably First Look Media, the news operation featuring journalist Glenn Greenwald financed by Pierre Omidyar, the eBay founder who bought Paypal.

Omidyar will be on the World Post editorial board with a number of other major league news media corporatists, including Luis Cebrian, founding editor of El Pais, Dileep Padgaonkar, consulting editor of the Times of India, and Yoichi Funabashi, former editor-in-chief of Asahi Shimbun, a large Japanese newspaper that collaborated with The New York Times.

It is uncertain if the downtrodden — and unpaid — masses working for AOL-Huffpo will go along with the globalist plan to subvert alternative media. It is truly amazing so many supposedly progressive journalists and bloggers stuck around after Arianna sold them out in a deal with AOL back in 2011.

Huffpo went on the block for a cool $315 million and Arianna pocketed tens of millions, none of which, of course, she shared with her league of idealistic citizen journalists. It looks like the plantation model will continue with World Post. It is, of course, a model the global elite are comfortable with.

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Source: Infowars