An open letter to the Labour Party


Dear Labour Party,

Please, I beg of you. I fall on my knees and gaze up at you in utter desperation because, as I see yet another show of disrespect to the people of this great country of ours, I feel that most of you seem to be more concerned with being politicians rather than representing those who chose your flag.

Time after time I see the Conservatives dish out put-downs as defence of their cruel policies; I see an arrogant right-wing agenda play roughshod with the law, and I watch the smugness on the faces of those who sit laughing at the tales of woe from the actual people suffering by the hands of these power hungry Tories.

I also see you, giving the occasional sound-bite in opposition to these policies, throwing in last minute objections to try and block some of them. This all seems to be done by so few. Because I see the Labour benches full of people who feel they know so much better than the rest of us. That when a people spoke, you thought they were stupid. A group of political opportunists dismissing the real feelings and fears of the electorate in favour of pats on the back and promises of career boosts.

You seem to have objected to the vote of your own leader more than the vote for the leaders of this country. You spend more time contradicting what Jeremy Corbyn has said than being opposed to the removal of student grants; than the benefits cap being applied to carers; than the idea that affordable homes cost £450,000. There are many many more things you should be standing up against than your own leader.

You do understand that the next general election is years away and that being an opposition is more important right now than talking about winning the next round of polling. You do understand that the members of the party voted for Corbyn because he has a different voice, one that isn’t just the standard slimy career politician who chooses words to try and convince the ordinary that the very rich are trying to help them.

If you want to stand up for the normal, everyday person of this great country then you should stop worrying about a future that isn’t here yet. Concentrate on stopping these ideological, disconnected, ‘let them eat cake’ overseers from harming the very people you claim to represent.

At PMQs, back your man. When asked about something your leader has said, be respectful and don’t use put-downs or try to score political points. Be the opposition that we need you to be, not a faceless bunch of people more concerned about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs.

Please, I beg of you. I fall on my knees and gaze up at you in utter desperation because I, we the people, need you to be united in the face of such arrogance, such contempt. Be there for the people, not the money.

Always with hope.
Colin Davies

  • Arlene Lane

    well hello Colin Davies, what you said is absolutely true in every respect, and I do know the worth of Jeremy Corbyn he lives in the Islington area, I am 79 years old, so I can tell you I have lived in the Islington area nearly all of my life, and this much I can tell you, it did not matter who won the election, because Jeremy always held his seat with an increased majority, because he is the true public servant and not a masonic servant, he was into nearly all protest that were worth fighting for, and if you ever had a problem he would answer every letter and not hand it on to a secretary, and I personally know this because my mother when she was alive twice had a problem with the Peabody Trust, and he resolved it both times and many other people who live in the area have also had help, I think that he may have a few backstabbers in the vicinity like this Hilary Benn who is nothing more than grandstander, who will live and survive off other peoples hard labour, I believe with the right support Jeremy Corbyn could win the next election and it will have nothing to do with the labour party it will be all about the man, and that will be the time that he should dump these two faced wimps like Hilary Benn. TONY LANE

    • Colin Davies

      Thank you for you words and for your account of how a politician should be acting. If the otheres can wake up to what the poeple want, what we need from them then I believe they can action same great things.

      Since publishing this letter I have read many words that have given me so much hope in this world, yours included.

      • Arlene Lane

        thank you Colin Davies, I think most of us know what is wrong but they do not know what to do about it, many years ago I was in protest group but left them after awhile because of their inaction, for instance the media they are biased and prejudiced, the BBC being among the worst, many of them are a disgrace to true journalism, what I said many years ago and it would be more valid today, what is needed is for all the genuine protesters to get together and protest against the BBC and ask for it to be given back to the people who pay a licence for it, so it should not be run by a Rothschild Zionist Jewish establishment, and I do know my history, since the battle of waterloo when word was sent to England that they lost the battle they made a killing on the stock exchange that is why you have this media control, and after the last war we have had more than 70 years of American bullshit, we all need to wake up, PUTIN and Russia is not the enemy but America Britain and Israel are, and I think that Jeremy Corbyn could change all that. I apologise for using my wife website, sincerely tony lane

  • ThereisaGod

    The fact Corbyn still leads the Labour Party is a bit of a miracle given the Blairite placemen/women that attack him at every opportunity inside parliament and the media echo chamber that trashes his every word and every move in the public domain.
    The establishment own the polling organsations and polls can be honest or ‘bent’ according to requirements. Polls (apparently) “prove” that Corbyn is losing the traditional Labour vote at a rate of knots….so said the creepy James O’Brien on LBC yesterday morning before spending a full hour absolutely lambasting JC’s “hopelessness” saying things like “I’m a left-winger and I want a Labour Party that can REALLY oppose these dreadful Tories, not a party that believes in ‘Unicorns'”.

    This is the kind of disingenuous shill we have to listen to. All the forces of the state and all the careerists that serve it are ranged against the Corbyn leadership.

    Maybe he should set about sacking the ‘enemies within’ (recommend re-selection processes for Labour MPs who oppose the Labour project of today). Maybe he should continue as he is and let his detractors reveal themselves for what they are. It is a hard call.
    It is difficult to imagine that the incessant work being done by the usual vested interests on the public mind will not eventually have a killing effect, however.

    • Colin Davies

      I shows how much he worries them by how strongly they come after him. Maybe to revolution is one of seeing through the media?

  • dirkdiggler

    Get off your knees you f*****g prick. When are you going to learn. Corbyn is a lilly livered, wishy-washy fool. Erring and umming his way to Armageddon and taking us with him. I too was excited at first, then i saw him kowtowing to right wing labour party scum and “opening the debate” on another illegal bombing and mass murder in a far away land, he really needs to grow a pair and show them who’s boss. His latest idea to make Trident non-nuclear really made me laugh, that is even more useless than the nuclear tipped Trident the Americans may let us fire one day at an “enemy” who can and will destroy us in 10 minutes flat if required, nukes or no nukes. Where’s the man or woman who will really stand up to the evil self serving scum in power, crack some heads and drag us back from the pits of hell? Forget the politicians ALL OF THEM. It’s revolution or subservience to evil pieces of shit for the rest of your days. You choose.

    • Linda E

      If they open fire on us then we are dead how would we be able to fire back , If you think that the Tory’s would fair any better good luck to you or maybe Farage is your man he a bigger idiot than the rest of them , Terrorist’s wear bombs these days they done fetch them in a submarine really some people .

    • Rob Filth

      To an extent I agree, however Corbyn is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t in the eyes of the media.

      I think his giving a free vote to Labour MP’s over Syria was the EXACTLY right thing to do even if it went against what I and many other people would’ve liked because otherwise Corbyn would’ve just been another dictator(no matter how right and just his argument is) and against democratic thinking.

      That is not lily-livered and takes guts to do when you know the majority is going to go against you and your argument.

      Not just that, but Corbyn has also exposed the entire right-wing of the party by doing so.

      We won’t forget that.

    • Always one, isn’t there?

    • Call any author or commenter a childish name like that again and the ban hammer is coming down.

  • Arlene Lane

    people screaming for a revolution are the last ones to lead, what the elite want us to do is begin a violent revolt,that is when they will have their reason to exterminate us, they do not like to be laughed at so laugh at them and do not comply, and mass meditation also helps, just remember that we are many and they are few. yours sincerely, yours sincerely–tony lane

  • Andy Castor

    Thank you, Colin.