An open letter to the Labour Party

Dear Labour Party,

Please, I beg of you. I fall on my knees and gaze up at you in utter desperation because, as I see yet another show of disrespect to the people of this great country of ours, I feel that most of you seem to be more concerned with being politicians rather than representing those who chose your flag.

Time after time I see the Conservatives dish out put-downs as defence of their cruel policies; I see an arrogant right-wing agenda play roughshod with the law, and I watch the smugness on the faces of those who sit laughing at the tales of woe from the actual people suffering by the hands of these power hungry Tories.

I also see you, giving the occasional sound-bite in opposition to these policies, throwing in last minute objections to try and block some of them. This all seems to be done by so few. Because I see the Labour benches full of people who feel they know so much better than the rest of us. That when a people spoke, you thought they were stupid. A group of political opportunists dismissing the real feelings and fears of the electorate in favour of pats on the back and promises of career boosts.

You seem to have objected to the vote of your own leader more than the vote for the leaders of this country. You spend more time contradicting what Jeremy Corbyn has said than being opposed to the removal of student grants; than the benefits cap being applied to carers; than the idea that affordable homes cost £450,000. There are many many more things you should be standing up against than your own leader.

You do understand that the next general election is years away and that being an opposition is more important right now than talking about winning the next round of polling. You do understand that the members of the party voted for Corbyn because he has a different voice, one that isn’t just the standard slimy career politician who chooses words to try and convince the ordinary that the very rich are trying to help them.

If you want to stand up for the normal, everyday person of this great country then you should stop worrying about a future that isn’t here yet. Concentrate on stopping these ideological, disconnected, ‘let them eat cake’ overseers from harming the very people you claim to represent.

At PMQs, back your man. When asked about something your leader has said, be respectful and don’t use put-downs or try to score political points. Be the opposition that we need you to be, not a faceless bunch of people more concerned about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs.

Please, I beg of you. I fall on my knees and gaze up at you in utter desperation because I, we the people, need you to be united in the face of such arrogance, such contempt. Be there for the people, not the money.

Always with hope.
Colin Davies