America’s Corrupt Policing System

The shocking abuses cops commit on the job, retired Baltimore officer claims

A retired Baltimore police officer has described the shocking abuses he claims to have seen other cops commit on the job.

Michael A Wood, 35, alleges he saw detectives kick suspects in the face, urinate on their beds during home raids, and illegally search people with no justification on a daily basis.

The allegations came in a slew of tweets on Wednesday as the former Marine slammed America’s ‘corrupt’ policing system.

And he promised followers this is just the start: ‘I’ll do some each day so that we have time for [questions], reflections, and improvement inbetween (sic). The light of transparency will clean us up.’


Wood, a PhD candidate and author of police training manuals, served with the force from 2003 to January 2014, when an injury forced him into retirement.

His Twitter storm started: ‘So here we go. I’m going to start Tweeting the things I’ve seen & participated in, in policing that is corrupt, intentional or not.’

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