Your Facebook Chat Sessions Logged By CIA-Funded Company

Facebook Chat Privacy and Scans

If you thought your Facebook chats are safe from prying eyes, you’re apparently wrong. Bosnadev says that Facebook’s chats are being scanned by a CIA -funded company, a discovery Bosnadev made after looking into some unusual activity on a website triggered by a link present in a Facebook chat.

“During the testing of an application we’ve set up in a non-published area we have noticed some unusual activity. The link for the app was sent via Facebook chat and afterwards comes the interesting part,” Bosnadev said, publishing a list of “lots of IPv6 for a single Facebook check” as the aforementioned interesting part.

Further investigating the matter, Bosnadev tracked logs for a new URL address that was sent over Facebook chat and discovered similar behavior. Upon researching Facebook chat scans, Bosnadev discovered information about a third-party company called Recorded Future that’s received funding from Google Ventures and the CIA.

Apparently, this company was the primary culprit for scanning Facebook chats.