9 ways to identify the enemies of freedom

Brandon Smith, Activist Post | 

The greatest and most often exploited weakness of any revolution for freedom is the inability of the downtrodden populace to identify the true enemy. History is littered with the shattered remnants of rebellions that were built upon legitimate causes but suffered because of misdirection and faulty assumptions. For centuries, the real culprits of tyranny have found ways to redirect the ire of those they harmed in their quest for power, usually by offering a tempting scapegoat that appeals to the public’s darker impulses; their biases, their prejudices, their fears, etc. Usually, this ends in an even more pervasive totalitarian environment as the insurgents and the scapegoats decimate each other while the elites sit back and enjoy the show.

Even the most successful battles against despotism, like the American Revolution, often only had a distant sense of who they were really fighting against. This is what makes the 21st Century extraordinarily unique in the annals of civilization. For the first time in human record, the common man has all the information necessary to examine and define the real culprits behind his subjugation. The truth is at our fingertips, all we have to do is reach out and take it…

Because of the decentralized nature of information flowing through the alternative web media, our ability to generate opposition to organized elitism has never been greater. However, this also means the stakes have never been higher. The establishment understands well that their criminality is clearly visible, and eventually, they will be personally subject to the rage of the people. The next fight could very well be the last for them.

Their playbook may be old, but the tactics they use can always be applied on a grander and more terrible scale. Not only will they pursue whatever menacing distractions necessary to occupy the attentions of the public, they will also attempt to pose as guiding lights in the darkness they themselves created. They will hide behind broad generalized target groups; fabricated boogie men, branded and prepackaged like franchise coffee shops on every street corner of America’s collective psyche. Terrorists, traitors, saboteurs, whatever ethnic group happens to be convenient at the moment, whoever is easiest to present as a target for our projected malice; false enemies will be rolled out like a nightmare buffet.

If our nation and the rest of the world have any chance of achieving peace and liberty, it will be because those who choose to dissent against the totalitarian tide focus on the authentic virus invading and assimilating our culture. Some call them “elitists”, “collectivists”, “centralists”, etc. They sometimes even refer to themselves as such, but the most prominent and useful label today is that of “globalist”. That said, we must ask what it is that defines these people? What makes them who they are? The following is a list of behaviors and characteristics that have been common to oligarchs through most of history. Regardless of how a political or financial leader presents himself through rhetoric, if he displays these properties in action, he is more likely than not an opponent of individual freedom and an adversary to the principles of honor and conscience that all good men strive for.

1) They Seek Centralization Of Power

Does your favorite political candidate, corporate “guru”, or media shill have a history of promoting globalization, economic harmonization, socialization, etc., sacrificing the protections of sovereignty in the name of some “greater good” that never seems to come? Does every action they take only appear to benefit a select elite? Do they regimentally remove options and choices from the system? Do all of their solutions ultimately lead to the same outcome? Do all the roads they build converge towards less liberty for the masses and more control for government? Is their answer for every crisis to remove checks and balances and borders? Do they constantly claim that sovereign and Constitutional protections get in the way of “progress”? Do they use phrases like “the greater good” or “sustainable development” on a regular basis? Add them to your list of potential mass murderers, and unfriend them on your social media accounts. They do not have your best interests at heart…

2) They Enforce Policies Despite Widespread Disapproval

In any healthy Republic, the political class is supposed to be the servant of the people. Their employment is supposed to be predicated on their willingness to hear and understand the wishes of their constituency. If a bill or policy arises that threatens the civil liberties or financial safety of the people, and they call for a representative to oppose it, that is exactly what he is supposed to do. If he does otherwise, and supports a damaging or unconstitutional bill while fully aware of massive voter resistance, it means he is not in fear for his job, which means his job has not necessarily been secured by our votes, which means he is likely working for somebody else; somebody who will benefit from the bill in question.

Two perfect examples would be the passage of the banker bailout bills, and the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act. Both were vehemently opposed by a majority of Americans on both sides of the so called political “aisle”, and yet, they were given a majority support by our representatives in government. This reveals an ulterior motivation within our government that is, to put it bluntly, treasonous. If they voted for a liberty killing bill, then cross them off your roster of principled leaders and add them to your list of enemies…

3) They Find Ways To Rationalize Any Behavior

Sociopaths and psychopaths operate on their own personal form of twisted rationalism. The magic of pure cold logic untempered by conscience or intuitive wisdom is that truth can become whatever we want it to become as long as our inner voice remains repressed. For them, any crime can be vindicated as long as a perceived benefit can somehow be derived. For a globalist oligarch, however, psychopathy goes far beyond mechanical moral relativism. They are well aware that their actions are an affront to human conscience, and, they couldn’t care less. Instead, they use rationalism as a way to manipulate the public into accepting their maniacal behavior so that they can continue without interference.

Globalists are so convinced of their own intellectual superiority that they feel no desire for redemption, or to compartmentalize their own evil. They embrace that evil fully as if it were a form of strength. One weakness of this philosophy is that it comes with a strange obsession; a desperate drive to inject moral relativism into all people around the globalist. This exposes an inherent reliance on surrounding environment, and dependency on one’s environment to reinforce a belief system is a significant psychological weakness.

The great power that truth holds over the empire of lies is that the truth is not contingent on mass perception; it exists regardless of how many people believe in it. It is autonomous. The truth has its own soul, and arises from the ashes again and again without the benefit of mass recognition. Lies and perverted rationalizations require an astounding amount of energy and armies of the ignorant in order to exist. A foundation of lies is inferior, and thus, anyone who depends upon the existence of that foundation is also, by association, inferior. Globalist are, therefore, a sub-species, an unnecessary and outdated remnant of social evolution that should be allowed to finally fade out and die away.

4) They Promote Economic Dependency

Anyone who consistently tells you that you need them in order to survive has something to gain by your dependency. A good person or government seeks to make people INDEPENDENT and self reliant, so that they can survive on their own merits and participate in the construction of their own destinies. A manipulative person or government needs people to believe that without the services the despot provides all will come to ruin. Totalitarian control cannot exist unless WE hand that control to them. If the man before you claims that there is no other way to live except through him or his system, no matter how charmingly he phrases it, add him to your list as a danger to your freedom.

5) They Belong To A Think Tank

I am usually apprehensive about using a broad brush to paint any single group or subset as fully criminal and beyond repair. This kind of methodology is used daily by globalists to create rifts in societies and lure people into destroying each other. However, I have tried to the utmost of my ability to find an influential think tank with ties to the government in our modern era that does not display the despicable behaviors listed so far, and for the life of me, I can’t find a single one. From the the CFR, to the Rand Corporation, to the Washington Institute For Near East Policy, you will find the many of the same exact writhing globalist tapeworms and most certainly the same exact philosophies of moral relativism on display. If they belong to a mainstream think tank, they are not a friend to liberty.

6) They Cast No Reflection In The Mirror

Or perhaps I’m thinking of a different kind of monster…

7) They Promote Military Force As The Primary Means To Achieve Their Ideological Objectives

Do they confront the dynamic of every social and diplomatic problem with the use of military force and the death of those who disagree with them? Does every conflict between them and another culture end with the destruction of thousands if not millions? Do they flaunt a distinct kind of “my way or the highway to hell” kind of attitude? Do they seem to crave war to the point that they are willing to manufacture excuses to fire the first missile? If they are a warmonger, then they are your enemy, even when they happen to be trying to kill people you don’t necessarily like at the moment.

8) They Offer Promises They Never Intend To Keep

If a politician promises to end an illegal war and pull American troops from the battlefield if elected to office, and then doesn’t, or, pretends to pull troops out while maintaining permanent bases and shifting private Blackwater-style contractors into the field to take their place, then he is a liar. It’s that simple. If a central banker promises fiat printing and massive stimulus programs will unfreeze credit markets and generate an employment recovery within a couple of years, and the fiscal situation only becomes worse afterwards, then he is a liar. It’s that simple.

If a person in a position of power continuously makes promises that are impossible to fulfill, or that he obviously knows cannot be fulfilled, then he is buying time. But buying time for what? Well, usually, he is buying time so that he can consolidate more power, and he is hoping the public will be duped into giving that power to him in exchange for false hopes and empty dreams. Any entity, corporate or governmental, that is unable to attain the public’s consent without conning them, is an enemy to the welfare of the public, and should be removed like a throbbing tick.

9) You Wouldn’t Leave Your Children Alone With Them

Ask yourself, could you leave your children in a room with this person or group and feel safe about it? If the answer is an honest “No”, then how could you leave your country and your children’s future in their hands instead…?

In the coming years, the American people will face numerous threats; some real, some imagined in the sterile conference rooms of a black-hearted think tanks. But, the most terrifying threat to our cultural roots of free thought, expression, and prosperity is wielded by a very particular and exclusive group of thin-blooded ego-maniacs. Identifying them is not difficult. Hiding their true nature is nearly impossible for a person or institution whose narcissism is so pronounced. They adore their own insanity and wish to share it with the world. If they fit the profile listed above, it is a guarantee that they will wreak havoc upon your life, directly or indirectly, someday. Know who they are, so that when that time comes you know who to blame, and who to bring to justice.

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