5 Reasons Monsanto Will Continue Losing Money in 2015

The biotech giant known as Monsanto is facing major financial downturn amid the backlash from consumers over their concerning GMO creations and the international rejection of various GMO exports following the confirmation of crop contamination across the United States.

Going further into 2015, it’s clear that this GMO behemoth has many more obstacles to face that will most likely lead to a continued loss. Here are the top 5 reasons Monsanto will continue to lose money (and at the very least, reputation) in 2015 and beyond.

1. 96% Want Their GMOs Labeled

Not 30%. Not 75%. Not even 85%. A powerful 96 plus percent of individuals within the United States are in serious favor of labeling Monsanto’s GMOs. And despite Monsanto’s millions defeating many labeling campaigns within various states like California, public resistance is catching up.

In the past, the company has used a number of pro-GMO agencies to band together in forming campaigns aimed at stopping GMO labeling altogether. Oftentimes, these groups use fabrications regarding the increased cost of groceries and even fake quotes from the FDA in order to push their agenda.

But despite the millions, the propaganda messages are no longer working.

2. Fast Food Is Failing

Monsanto and the GMO industry at large absolutely love the fast food industry. They are what I call the ‘soul mates of the disease industry’. Specifically, you have to remember that the fast food industry absolutely thrives on the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients. A market where there is no room for health, environmental concerns, or even morality.

The result: Monsanto’s GMOs are absolutely coveted in order to help produce the mass array of ultra low quality fast food ‘meals’ that, for the last few decades, have made up a major part of the American diet. Yes, it’s depressing.

But now, with McDonald’s continuing to lose money month after month, and the growth of competitors to fast food titans that are choosing to use local and even organic ingredients, the end of the fast food leaders is quickly coming. McDonald’s has even announced on record that they will not be switching to the new GMO potato, and claims have been made that their new chicken purchasing will be from farms that do not abuse antibiotics.

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