240 Wars in 237 Years: USA Wages War More Often than Just Annually


Yuri Skidanov 
RINF Alternative News

The United States, an example of public and social order for the countries of the “golden billion,” has a unique history. In the 237 years of its existence, it has been either at war, or preparing for a new attack, looking for victims. During the period from 1798 to 2012 Washington used military force abroad 240 times, more frequently than annually.

The results of this military — aggressive development are impressive. Five percent of the world’s population who are lucky enough to be U.S. citizens consume, according to various estimates, from 25 to 30 percent of the planet’s resources. How did the country manage to achieve such prosperity for its 320 million people?

It all started a long time ago, in 1620, when “Mayflower” ship with 142 settlers on board left the British port of Plymouth, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and on November 11 dropped the first batch of “pilgrims” on the North American coast. Their descendants in the United States today have become a semblance of royal aristocracy in Europe.

However, not the best members of society, mildly put, were sent from Britain to North America. Many of them had a clear tendency for significant and small violations of the law and light attitude towards the norms of public morality. Perhaps such a disposition of the first settlers identified some of the historical features of the U.S. Code.

In 1776, 13 American colonies united into the United States, and rebelled against their legitimate ruler, King of Great Britain. The war for independence lasted thirteen years and ended in a victory of the colonists. The legitimacy of the U.S. formation can be equated to the legitimacy of the Great October Socialist Revolution that resulted in the Bolsheviks coming to power. The war for independence was the first and last war with an external enemy on the United States territory, and it can hardly be called aggressive or predatory.

Before completing the formation of the government and public institutions, the U.S. began unleashing wars and conflicts, one after another. Here are the most important ones. 1798-1800 — the war with France, the former ally of the United States in the fight for independence. As a result, some North American colonies of France went under the control of the United States, which was the prelude to their accession later.

The next full-scale war, the first Tripoli or Barbary war, the one that the United States fought in the Mediterranean with Algeria, Tunisia and Tripolitania (modern Libya) ten thousand miles away from its borders, predetermined the wars of the 20-21stcentury in the same region. This war can safely be called the first war of the policy of “big stick” under which Washington, disregarding the rules of the international law, advanced or protected its economic interests. The reason for the war was the demand of Arab States that a tribute be paid to Tripoli for the use of the trade routes in the Mediterranean.

The first Barbary War did not end well for the United States. They had to buy out 300 U.S. soldiers from captivity, while the Americans captured only 100 Arab soldiers, and the desired result — getting rid of tribute — could not be achieved. Only the second Barbary War in 1815 brought success. As a result, the American merchant vessels, unlike the French and English ones, were given priority in the freedom of movement in the Mediterranean.

Throughout the nineteenth century, the United States fought with the British, Mexican, Japanese, Nicaragua, Hawaii, and the Philippines, not to mention dozens of local military operations. As a result, the territories of modern states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah were conquered. Protectorate was established over Hawaii, the U.S. military government was introduced in Cuba, and a colonial regime established in the Philippines.

In the twentieth century, the aggressive U.S. operations have become even more widespread. Virtually the entire Central America and much of Latin America were under the U.S. control. The United States and Russia were at war, albeit without much result, landing their troops in Archangelsk and Vladivostok. Now not just the Mediterranean or Central America, like it was in the nineteenth century, but the entire world is covered by the U.S. military machine.

U.S. soldiers fought in China (1925), Korea (1950), again in China (1958), and Lebanon (1958). The biggest defeat in the history of the United States was suffered in Vietnam, where 60,000 people were killed and over 300,000 wounded. After the war, about 100,000 of its veterans committed suicide. In parallel, Americans conducted armed operations in Latin America — Panama, Brazil (overthrow of the legally elected President Joao Goulart in 1964) , Cuba, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, and Chile. Africa was not forgotten either, and in 1960, the U.S. organized a coup during which dictator Mobutu came to power, and the legally elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was killed.

Recent achievements of the U.S. foreign policy are fresh in memory — from the bombing of sovereign Yugoslavia to the completely illegal invasion of Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the defeat of Libya. Syria so far has managed to avoid the role of the next object of the export of American-style democracy, but this situation may change any time.

Of course, it is impossible to list all the facts of war and armed aggression by the United States in the information material. However, this is more than enough to make a conclusion — the leaders of the United States of all time had an unbeatable claim of being the major war criminals of the modern and contemporary history.

If we were to apply the norms developed by the Nuremberg Tribunal to the U.S. foreign policy, as well as the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague whose effect on the U.S. citizens Washington refuses to recognize, they would fit right in. Of course, the U.S. is at war with nearly the entire world not because of the psychological characteristics of its politicians and presidents.

The U.S. gets obvious economic benefits and great distributed very unevenly within the country, leaving virtually nothing for “cannon meat” — young individuals from lower social classes that form the basis of the Armed Forces of the United States. The formula for economic prosperity and model democracy is simple: attack and rob.

  • skipNclair

    all done in the name of God, and peace, almost makes you want to puke.

  • gmathol

    The US was founded on the dead bodies of 120 million native Indians and paid with the sweat of black slavery.

    What do we expect from such a shining beacon of inhumanity.

    But stop the US murdered less people then colonial powers like Great Britain and Germany’s war crimes look like child play.

    • nayme

      A just, honorable nation uses a shield, not a sword.

  • JR

    What about the War of 1812? War with Mexico, 1846-1848?

  • Ed Siceloff

    Forgot that the US was at was at war with Britain in 1812. They actually burned Washington D.C. That was the last war on our home soil from a foreign invader.
    King George had abdicated his legitimacy as ruler because he ignored the “Law of Nations” which is the basis for all the complaints in the Declaration of Independence. When a ruler will not protect the rights of the people, they have the right to choose another ruler. Americans did. Unfortunately, Americans would seem to have quit making choices for liberty, choosing rather some type of security instead.

  • Reader

    Over two million civilians were killed in Vietnam. Read “Kill Anything That Moves” for full details on the incredible atrocities comitted by U.S. troops in Vietnam. Looking forward to a similiar book about Iraq and Fallujah. American soldiers are among the most evil fucking bastards on the planet.

    • Reader#2

      Not the soldiers, they are just following the orders that are handed down fromthe 1%-ers.

      • R.Sooriamoorthy

        Just as the Nazis.

  • tin man

    War is peace and don’t you forget it!

  • mothman777

    Three vessels sailed to America under Jewish Christopher Columbus (originally Columbo, before he changed his name) containing Jewish settlers.

    As one would expect, the chosen set about exterminating the indigenous ‘subhuman’ population, Columbus actually hung native Indians in rows above fires and burned them to death very slowly.

    “Leave no stone unturned, kill every living thing that breathes” as they say in the Old Testament, and then they started on the buffalo too of course, rounding off with poisoning everything in the Gulf of Mexico and on the coast around it with Corexit, as even the creatures of the sea are souls from Satan too according to Judaic belief, so that the Gentiles in America will be crippled when Israel sucks America dry fr all it’s resources, as they don’t want the Gentiles in America to be able to be strong enough to retaliate when they figure out who did 9/11.

    Obama has made it mandatory for all American servicemen to eat only contaminated fish from the Gulf of Mexico, so that they will be messed up big time (Google it). Servicemen used to have fish flown and shipped in from all over the world, but not any longer, as Obama needs the American boys all damaged.

    The real name of the USA is just America, the USA being a British-owned company name. USA, the new Israel, run by the Freemasonic Jewish British royal family.

    In 1781, British Freemason Lord General Cornwallis said to his counterpart, American Freemason George Washington, that over the next two hundred years there would be a revolution in America in which all religions in America would come to serve the Judaic religion without even knowing it, and that this state of affairs would be arranged by the Freemasonic British Royal family. Note that the Prince George, the new son of Prince Will and Kate, has had a rabbinical scroll made in his honor commemorating his birth as a Jew. And of course, most American presidents have a bunch of royal blood in them. What a coincidence. America, the land of the ‘chosen’; no wonder America shamelessly goes about pursuing the agenda of the JWO whilst posing as a Gentile nation.

  • Second hand smoke

    So what happened to our taxes those 3 years when they apparently did nothing?