2 Alabama police lieutenants under investigation for ties to hate group

(RT) – The city of Anniston, Alabama has placed two police officers on administrative leave over allegations that they belong to a hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing legal
advocacy organization, posted an article on its Hatewatch blog that alleges Lt. Josh Doggrell
and Lt. Wayne Brown have ties to the League of the South (LOS),
an organization that the SPLC has deemed as
“neo-Confederate.” The allegations are being
investigated by the City of Anniston.

The SPLC website explains that neo-Confederacy is “strongly
nativist and advocating measures to end immigration.”
goes on to say “neo-Confederacy claims to pursue Christianity
and heritage and other supposedly fundamental values that modern
Americans are seen to have abandoned,”
and it exhibits
“an understanding of race that favors segregation and
suggests white supremacy.”

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