Ukraine’s Conflict: A History and Status-Report, for Ukraine, U.S. and the World

See Barack Obama’s Real Achievements in Ukraine, with Your Own Eyes, via Videos:

They’re Like George W. Bush’s Real Achievements in Iraq, But Authentically Nuclear

Eric Zuesse 
RINF Alternative News

(This article will consist primarily of videos documenting actual events. The links that are in boldface are to videos of what is being verbally described here. Non-boldface links are instead to text articles that further describe or discuss those events that are being referred to.)

February 2014: The Obama Administration’s coup ousts the pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and takes control in Ukraine.

(If you want to see a full and detailed transcript and explanation of the complete phone-call that’s excerpted in just a snippet there, at 0:49-1:43, in which is revealed that the “Maidan” violence in late February, which had produced the February coup, was orchestrated actually from the White House, just click here, and go down to the portion that’s presented in italics there, which is the call’s complete transcript.)

This U.S. coup in Ukraine culminated George W. Bush’s policy of taking Ukraine out of its orbit of being a planet in the Russian solar system (Russia being the large nation bordering Ukraine, and definitely Ukraine’s “sun”), and of transforming Ukraine into a U.S. military base instead, right next door to Russia — much like Khruschev did to Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, but now turning the tables against Russia, and now hoping to do it successfully though in the exact opposite direction, even though Russia is no longer communist, and so the ideological reason (or was it just a rationalization?) is now entirely gone.

In order to make this wrenching change of Ukraine, from a Russia-ally, to a U.S.-ally, stick, Obama needed to get rid of the residents in southeastern Ukraine, the people who had voted Yanukovych into office. If those people were to have stayed, then another pro-Russian would be able to become elected President of Ukraine, and so Obama’s coup there could easily and soon become undone by an election. Furthermore, those people there live on a huge shale-gas field and they resist fracking (they don’t want their water to become poisoned). Western oil companies want access there to frack for its gas. Moreover Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was recently placed onto the board of directors of the largest privately owned shale-gas operation in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings (owned by the mastermind of the May 2nd Odessa massacre against the Obama coup’s local opponents in Odessa). Its owner, Ihor Kolomoysky, was appointed to be his region’s Governor, by the person (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) who was appointed by the person (Victoria Nuland) who was appointed by the persons (Hillary Clinton and John Kerry) who were appointed by President Barack Obama, who is in the pocket of Big Oil just as he is of Wall Street. Obama is that, though he talks a line of criticism against them both, in order to make suckers of liberal fools and pass as a “Democrat” (without whose electoral support he’d never have been able to win Democratic primaries and thus any national political office at all as a black man, because the Republican Party certainly wouldn’t have put forth a Black for President in 2008), and though Big Oil and Wall Street usually donate far more to the self-acknowledged Republicans than they do to the closeted ones such as Obama and the other utterly corrupt “Democrats,” who can get enough of our oligarchs’ money so as for oligarchs to control the top, Presidential, level, of the Democratic Party — which, in the era of big-money politics, our oligarchs unfortunately do control, and not only control the entirety of the Republican Party.

And, then, there developed in full force the ethnic-cleansing campaign, to get rid of those people who had elected Yanukovych. The invasion and bombing of the people who live in southeastern Ukraine has been ceaseless for months now.

4 July 2014: Obama’s regime prepares to destroy the city of Slovyansk, which had voted for the Ukrainian President whom Obama had just ousted.

After that City was destroyed, Obama’s forces went on to the much larger City of Donetsk, to destroy it, too.

On 12 July 2014, here were the results in Donetsk’s suburb.

And, then, these are more of their results as they have encircled Donetsk.

As of August 9th, the other large southeastern City, Lugansk, was utterly destroyed. This great victory for Obama went unheralded at the White House, and in Western “news” media. Obama must be a modest man.

And, here, as of mid-June, were the women and children fleeing to refugee camps that are still being set up now in Russia for, ultimately, perhaps millions of former Ukrainian voters.

Obama has achieved a lot in Ukraine. He has gotten rid of lots of “terrorists” there, as the new Ukrainian regime refers to its victims.

Here was the Ukrainian Minister of “Defense” (they use the same euphemism for their invasion-department, “Defense,” as we do) who designed the ethnic cleansing program, describing the program that he had designed and put into place to do this ethnic cleansing.

Barack Obama is the first U.S. President to install a nazi (or racist-fascist) regime anywhere in the world. The fact that the racism is anti Russian-ethnic, instead of anti Jewish-ethnic, is immaterial: a nazi anywhere is still a nazi, regardless of which particular ethnic group he especially hates. (In Israel, the majority are anti-Arabic or “anti-Palestinian” Jewish nazis, just as dangerous as German or Ukrainian ones). That’s even more conservative than any Republican President has done, or ever been: it’s conservative fascism — it’s the true far-right, even if Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t sound that way.

A real Democrat is a progressive, and any “Democrat-In-Name-Only,” or DINO (like Obama), has usually been merely a liberal (which he has shown that he isn’t, really). A real Republican is a fascist, and any Republican-In-Name-Only,” or RINO, has usually been merely a conservative (though few of those even exist anymore: they’ve become fascists instead). However, Obama now is reaching to the far right end of the political spectrum: racist fascism, or “nazism,” because it suits his purpose in order to overthrow Yanukovych and make it stick. This should be considered a major achievement in the annals of political fraud, or fraud against the people who had voted the given politician (here, Obama) into political office. Fraud like this makes a mockery of democracy, because fooling the voters annihilates even the possibility of democracy. Obama has indeed been a master of the craft. Any Democrat who accepts him as being a “Democrat” is placing his own political affiliation to the right of where any previous U.S. President has ever been; and this wouldn’t make sense, any more than would, say, a Republican who sees himself as being in the same political tradition as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Elizabeth Warren — it’s ridiculous. Of course, if Senator Warren continues saying nice things about DINOs such as Obama and Clinton, then she too would have to be considered to be a DINO. But, we’ll see what she really is. Maybe she hasn’t decided yet whether Democratic oligarchs will no longer back anyone to the “left” of Barack Obama’s policies. Maybe she’s just another functionary.

Anyway, the real-world difference between a DINO and a RINO is zilch. If no one such as Elizabeth Warren seems to be, ends up challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, then the Democratic electorate will have been abandoned, at the Presidential level, there will be no meaningful choice in the 2016 contest, and (after the catastrophe of Obama’s Presidency) that could well turn out to be the end of the Party.

In closing, it should be made clear here that even the downing of the Malaysian airliner in southeastern Ukraine should be considered to be an international war crime that Barack Obama himself is responsible for.

And here is why it’s clear that “Obama Definitely Caused the Malaysian Airliner to Be Downed,” and why this would be so even if it were not the case that “Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did Intentionally Down that Malaysian Airliner.” And, yet, Obama’s ploy there, of getting the pro-Russian rebels to be blamed for this atrocity, which he himself had actually caused, has succeeded at producing his intended result, which was a step-up in the western economic sanctions against Russia (rather than against America). If Democrats can accept such a person as this as being one of them, then what would that say about Democrats (the Party of which I was proud to be a member, until recently, because being a Democrat meant something that I could respect, until recently)? How can any Democrat self-identify with (much less respect) a now barely closeted nazi, of any type or nominal party? (I, personally, won’t be a member of any such Party, but I know that most Democrats don’t happen to feel that way.)


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.