Writing your last article is always the most difficult


Writing your last article is always the most difficult especially when you have made so many sacrifices to have your own blog and to reveal the real truth as to what is going on in the world rather than what the Zionist controlled media want us to believe.

Having spent my life fighting or should I say not listening to my inner voice of conscience (Pineal Gland or Third Eye) I have at last found that inner peace of now understanding that we must all listen to our conscience and in doing so it will allow us all to sleep soundly knowing we have done the right thing.

Although to some Gandhi was possibly a tool of the New World Order it does not get away from the fact that the words he used were truly remarkable and having visited India on many occasions and in particular his statue in Mumbai and also studied poverty in rural India I can certainly relate to those words.


Maybe the Master that you know is not the same Master that I know but truly we are all the tools of the same Master

One can listen and see using our “Third Eye” and we can read whatever we wish (be it the bible or whatever), but if you follow your inner voice of conscience it will reveal to you in the most natural way what you should believe or disbelieve i.e. what is right, what is wrong, what is true and what is untrue. History makes it very clear that we must follow what is written and remain subservient but how does one authenticate the written word and could there be some truth that some aspects were not written by those we are led to believe but rather by some earlier nobleman of the New World Order.

The New World Order tools of the trade are: Imperialism, Global Development, Geo Politics, Conflicts and Wars and although we may all point a finger at the USA we must fully understand that the strings of the puppet are pulled by the Crown Templar in London, the Jesuits in Rome and internationally by the Club of 300 and all those other groups such as the Bilderberg etc.

Globalization does not eradicate poverty it actually accelerates it into “Dire Poverty” – which is exactly what I found on my humanitarian work in rural Southern India. It was this poverty that inspired me to help another person make a documentary film on Poverty in Rural India which is still held by myself and was never distributed……..it was this film that won “The Best Amateur Documentary Film” in Russia at the Ekaterinburg Film Festival.

The film should have been in distribution but one needs money to carry out such a venture and money I do not have. It also so happened, after my return from India, and after the frustration of watching the Israeli Government attack Gaza in 2008/9, that I wrote a book (be it out of anger) called “The Deadly Link” with a sub heading of: American Imperialism-Terrorism-Poverty in which I try to prove that it is Imperialism (greed) that self induces Terrorism and the two together create Poverty.

However, I have to admit that since I wrote my unprinted book (that still sits in my computer) I now understand what was truly behind that brutal attack and why the Israeli Government continue to keep Gaza and West Bank under lock and key.

The truth is that it was all about Palestinians huge offshore natural resource that sits very close to Gaza’s coastline and that is why the IDF attacked Gaza and I have all the evidence to prove this is fact. What the world does not know is that Israel is taking those resources under the watchful eye of the United Nations, the United States, UK and the EU. Could you ever imagine that this Palestinian resource is large enough to make Gaza the Dubai of the Eastern Mediterranean!!


Having served in the military around the world and having since spent much time in and around the Middle East as a consultant my life suddenly changed as I became aware of many humanitarian issues that existed and the extremes of poverty. With my own eyes I noticed that the poverty in India, Africa and many other third world countries was no different from poverty in the US, UK or EU.

Having spent much time speaking with displaced people who had been tortured or who can never return to their country of origin, having visited Iraq many times during the Gulf War, having supervised and watched thousands upon thousands of blankets being loading onto Russian freight aircraft bound for Darfar (Sudan), knowing that on each of those blankets thousands of mothers and their babies/children would die was a deeply moving experience for me.

My visit to a hospital in Khartoum (Sudan) was yet another experience to see hundreds waiting at a security gate to get in and I being allowed in immediately without delay was a real eye opener and to see the staff dealing with impossible odds was truly inspirational.

The UN say that living under $2 a day is defined as poverty and it is their mentality and understanding of reality that shocks me, especially when many of those I met live on a maximum of 25 cents a day!!!!.

It is their global plans for the world (especially in third world countries) and their Agenda 21 programme that causes me deep concern and I would seriously question their authenticity as being a caring United Nations via their respective outlets of WHO, UNICEF, UNDP and UNESCO.


Al Gore

Global Warming only comes from the mouth of those that gain from it

Their manipulation of the so called Global Warming would have to be one of the biggest scams on earth when Global Warming and Global Cooling is a perfectly natural cycle that I have experience since my early days working in and around the Arctic Circle. Their mouth-box (Al Gore) has since become one of the richest men on earth as have many others that promote their scaremonger tactics and carbon tax is just another “Stealth Tax” to make the New World Order Cabal even richer!!

Over the last five years or more I now understand the full workings and  infrastructure of the Zionist controlled New World Order (who created imperialism) and how they control the world both financially and politically, their own controlled outlets via the UN/WHO, World Bank/IMF, EU and their military (NATO). I know how they generate their money and what banks they control and their evil and satanic plans for mass depopulation, chip and pin, mind control, FEMA Camps and sophisticated high tech weaponry (including the regular use of WMD’s and CBW weapons etc). Their usage of that most evil weapon called HAARP that creates massive earthquakes such as that in Haiti and Fukashima or the manipulation of severe weather patterns such what happened recently in Canada and many other locations around the world. HAARP is used as a weapon against world governments who do not yield to the cabal’s commands.


What I can confirm, over many years, is that I now have a full understanding that by keeping the artificial “War on Terrorism” and the promotion of “Wars and Conflicts” is very good for the New World Order business………add to this their total control of the World’s Collateral Accounts and Banking Systems and their wonderful ability to siphon off trillions of dollars from each and every country is beyond imagination. The massive fraud and corruption is now so rife it is totally transparent to both Leaders, their Governments and those that are supposed to stop International Fraud and Corruption as my last article made clear: http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/governments-bank-corporate-sector-fraudulently-create-deficits-and-then-impose-austerity-measures/

The New World Order have the ability to take down any company or country whenever they so decide and the past Arab Spring and current Western Spring was of their doing!!!


The New World Order Master Plan

The New World Order has three main themes:

1. To seize control of the world’s natural resources at whatever the cost

2. To take control of the international markets for those resources

3. To control the transit routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes for those resources

It is also fact that their master plan included taking out at lease 7 Islamic countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria with the ultimate target being Iran etc……..this plan was pioneered by Paul Wolfowitz some decades ago when he was working with the Project for the New America……this plan is well down the track and has nothing to do with democracy or humanitarian assistance.

When one observes the efforts made by the UN,UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO and the WHO in its Agenda 21 mass depopulation programme one can truly see the evil of their ways. They openly allow the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical and Biological Warfare and mass vaccination programmes some of which have certain toxic adjuvants that can and do cause Autism and many other severe problems……one should seriously challenge the use of the current HPV vaccination programme that does not carry any data as to its effectiveness or safety and could well lead to mass infertility in all the young boys and girls of high school age in our respective countries. One must also bear in mind that HIV/AIDS was introduced into Africa as a tool of culling the population!!

This is one advert that deeply upsets me when I think of the UN (New World Order) and what it is secretly trying to achieve


Their main focus is to raise huge amounts of money for the following:

Saving children’s lives

Protecting childhoods

Treating and preventing HIV

Helping in emergencies

Come on folks wake up to these “UN Bullshit Artists”…….read Agenda 21 and look how the UN turn their backs on the New World Order Army (NATO) and their extensive use of WMD’s both depleted uranium and also low yield nuclear weapons…….that is against the Geneva Convention and a Crime Against Humanity…….and the extensive use of vaccines containing highly toxic adjuvants is certainly cause for concern!!!

A classic example of some of their work was when the UNDP went into the Balkans after the war to check on the extent of radioactive contamination from the weapons used by NATO…….their team of investigators and the UN itself reported little use of DU and only focused on a few stray rounds from the A10 Warthog aircraft when in actual fact the entire area was totally contaminated by excessive amounts of weaponry that were fired or dropped from many aircraft, offshore vessels and submarines, tanks and guns etc…..we are talking here about hundreds of cruise missiles, bombs and armour piercing rounds that have basically rendered vast tracts of land uninhabitable……..I have a detailed list of the weapons used and who fired what!! 


This is how I see the world at the current time and yet the UN and all their World Government Puppets are all blind to the real Holocaust that is going on that makes the Jewish Holocaust appear miniscule by comparison



Try looking at things from a different perspective

Has anyone ever considered for instance that if God created the world then he must have been outside of the world to create it……..Does that make God and ET and who is God? The mind boggles at the fact that their may well be some super being out there and certainly life on other planets and so one must again keep and open mind and focus on doing what we think is right for each other and for all those other beings that grace this planet. It is the voice of conscience that will help you maintain this balance and the only way this can be maintained is to stop all wars and conflicts and learn to love each other…………without love we are nothing.

Again we must turn to Gandhi for his words of wisdom:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

“There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e., the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being”


Before closing I intend to make my current hidden book available for purchase at UK Stirling £15 or US Dollars $23 and may decide on a sequel now that I know much more since I wrote the above in 2009 (after the attack on Gaza).

I was so outraged at the Israeli attack on Gaza that I volunteered to crew one of the small boats from Cyprus – Gaza to break the siege……..unfortunately my boat the “Free Gaza” sprung a leak in the seal around the prop and I was forced to return to the UK………however I did manage to get the flag from the stern of the vessel which I have to this day. It was during my stay in Cyprus that I found myself amidst a nest of Mossad or Israeli Agents and as a result always slept with one eye open!!!! that is what I call listening to the voice of our conscience no matter what the risk.

Here is the press release concerning this event:

24 June 2009

The Free Gaza Movement will depart Larnaca Port for the Gaza Strip at 10am on Thursday 25 June. We are sending two ships, the Free Gaza and the Spirit of Humanity, with 3 tons of medical supplies, 15 tons of cement, and human rights workers and journalists from 14 countries, including Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. This will be our first attempt to challenge Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza by sea since the Israeli Navy brutally rammed our boat, DIGNITY in December, and nearly sank the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY with all on board in January.

We will be holding a press conference at Larnaca Port between 9am and 10am, prior to our departure.

Me in Larnaca, Cyprus

The Author alongside the two vessels that were supposed to sail to Gaza (my boat is on the outside called the Free Gaza)

Free Gaza

The boat I should have crewed “Free Gaza” at sea

This boat was to have been donated to the people of Gaza after this trip but remained behind in Larnaca!!


I spent many nights sleeping on the open deck


Group photograph (me at rear centre) with ex Presidential Candidate & US Congress Women Cynthia McKinney

Two of concern


The two main organisers of the Free Gaza Movement (who also founded its parent charity International Solidarity Movement) or ISM are shown above and I must say I had/have some serious concerns about the authenticity of these two people (Husband and Wife) who in my opinion may have worked in cooperation with the CIA and the Israel Secret Service – MOSSAD as indeed where other key people in the organisation…….but that’s another story that may never be told since I do not intend to continue writing on this blog.

However, it is suffice to say that these two and many others in the movement were allowed to enter both Israel, Gaza and West Bank whenever they so pleased in order to befriend Palestinians who thought they were on their side, visit them in their homes (especially key activists) and then at the appropriate time report their circumstances and where they were living and then allow the Israeli Secret Service or overhead helicopters, drones or aircraft to take them out or arrest them.

I also find it incredible that these two and others frequently made transit into and out of both the US and Israel without a blink of the eye by their respective secret services when they both (and others) would have been considered as either traitors or enemy of the state etc!!!

These organisations raised millions of dollars from perfectly innocent donors for their vessels and so called humanitarian cargo only to hand everything over to Israel and no supplies actually ever made it to Gaza from the sea……..it is also fact that thousands of donated medical supplies were dumped and buried in the barren back drop of Egypt (close to the border with Gaza).

It was as a result of my observations during my stay with them in Cyprus that I realised how pathetic and how amateuristic their leaders had become when attending and listening to their many training sessions and briefs…….they made it clear that such meeting could never be filmed or recorded but obviously with my own connections with intelligence gathering that was not the case and the hidden recorder around my neck (under my shirt) was of great benefit!!!!

I made it very clear to certain people in Gaza that their activity was not in the best interest of Gaza or Palestine and when I observed the video of the heroic stand by Huwaidi Arraf, who stood in front of armed IDF soldiers to protect Palestinian protesters I realised that this was play acting at its best……..to think that someone put her forward for a Nobel Peace Prize is beyond imagination!!!……..even their very professional and expensive video’s of their campaign were intended to melt the hearts of the sheepish public and certainly help raised millions of dollars…….all to be handed over to Israel…….only those who have worked in association with Intelligence can read between the lines.  

One can see Huwaidi Arraf turning up at other hot spots around the world and one in-particular was when she turned up in Bahrain during the riots there……again she walked away from the police on full camera (how convenient) with such bravado…….I wonder how many people she made friends with (key activist) in Bahrain and how many of those have since been arrested after getting a brief from Huwaidi?………not to mention the filming carried out by Adam Shapiro on-board the Gaza bond vessels and the Captains of those vessels…….the acting was first class to say the least!!…..maybe after this article they will stop their deceitful activity or those they seek to help may find out the truth and arrest them!!

I should also mention that it is common practice in these organisations to bring in young people especially international students etc…..unknown to them one of them from time to time would become the sacrificial lamb and be taken out by a very well orchestrated plan. Rachael Corrie was one such victim who was intentionally killed/assassinated by this organisations joint venture with Israel. One could also see a massive cover-up when the Turkish vessel was attacked and many died.

One has to watch their almost comical videos of incidents and see how amateuristic they are…….remember on-board the Turkish ferry when they revealed a small booklet showing what they claim were people to be taken out by the Israeli commando’s?………this booklet was not for that purpose but actually was showing those double agents that had to be protected during the raid………another video show one of their stooges being shot in the leg by a rubber bullet at close range…..what a joke….and another being hit by a tear-gas canister which clearly went over the alleged victims head with no body contact at all and then the victim is whisked away on a stretcher all blooded…….come on folks get real!!!

Bye the way I also have a full list of those that travelled, their names and passport details which in some cases was not the same as the names they used!!!!……I wonder why? 


My unpublished book for sale

The book can only be sent electronically i.e. via email after receipt of the money into my donation box that is situated in the top right corner (of this blog……those that know me can assure you of my sincerity in sending you an electronic copy of the book after the payment has been made 

I may also consider making my documentary film on Poverty in Rural India available but that would be subject to finding enough money to make copies and mail them out etc.

The is the Front and Back Cover of my Book

Book 1

Book 2

Throughout my many articles and my book I have pointed a finger at the US but I have to say that it is not just America but also the UK, EU and the Zionist Mafia that his totally responsible for the state of our world at the current time…….I am sure a sequel will be in the pipeline but one needs money to print any book and so the same old story applies……no money no book!!!

Live on TV

One of my many live broadcasts with IRIB in London debating the news and world events


A very long relationship with Press TV live in Tehran


Many live interviews from the BBC studios in Birmingham for Russia Today (RT)

Sahar TV

A special relationship with Sahar TV


All those very special conferences and documentary films


My last public engagement was as a guest speaker with Prof. Shakespeare at an Islamic Conference in London with the topic “Europe in Crisis” you can see my hard hitting presentation at around 28 minutes into the video on the following link:


and finally these interviews with RT which was one of many I did with them


and one of six programmes I did in Tehran for Press TV



I would like to thank my many followers which first started when I was a columnist with the Palestine Telegraph (much of my work still remains on their site) and all those that supported me in my many TV interviews, Radio Interviews etc namely RT, Press TV, IRIB, IRINN, Sahar TV and indeed American Freedom Radio, Republic Broadcasting Network, Jeff Rense Show, Paul Drockton Show and in Europe Talk Radio Europe and ITalk……A special thank you to RBN/Paul Drockton who eventually gave me my own show before they pulled it (wonder why….too hot!!)……….a special thank you to Press TV with whom I spent so much time.

I will continue to make myself available as guest speaker at any conference (domestically or internationally) on issues regarding War Crimes, The New World Order, The causes behind conflict in the Middle East, The Scam about Global Warming, Corporate, Banking and Government Fraud and Corruption and any topic relating to Geo Politics, NATO and Weapons used etc etc……..would also welcome the opportunity to debate any of the above issues and more at any University etc etc. Obviously I would be capable of holding a sort of David Icke presentation should someone find a room full of people that want to know the truth……my presentation are very hard hitting and I always leave myself open for cross examination for the sheeples or non believers!!


Should any media outlet wish to employ me or help them produce or take part in TV documentaries, live debates or news analysis (either in front of the camera, researching or writing articles) then please feel free to contact me……I feel totally relaxed in front of the camera and at ease to debate news events live or with other guest speakers around a table (Congressmen, Politicians and other experts) on any topic. 


On the topic of my award winning documentary film on poverty in rural India….. any organisation or anyone can purchase this film….it lasts for around 52 minutes. I only have one original but could reproduce if so requested and that would be subject to making an offer……please feel free to do so and I will then let you know.


So folk’s there you have it, the last blog of the hundreds of blogs I have written, not to mention the fact that the cabal took many of my original sites down……this is my forth blog and my last blog and now I fully intend to start seeing the true beauty of this planet before the New World Order destroys it and tries to eliminate millions of its inhabitants.


A day at the beach 030

Free at last

It is my intention to return to more constructive work on humanitarian projects but that will take time and is hinged on many other people getting rid of the cabal and their financial support mechanism…….until then I wish you all a safe future, full of love and will now leave it to someone younger to pick up the banner………”God Bless You All and Bye Bye For Now.”

Peter Eyre — Broadcaster — Investigative Journalist — Middle East Consultant — Political Analysis —2/7/2013