Why Do Human Beings Exist?

Why Do Human Beings Exist?


If we are honest about it, we have to admit that if we do not know why human beings exist, then we do not know why we personally exist, since we are in fact human.

Obviously we are driven to activity by many external sources–parents, school teachers, siblings, and friends, then later spouses, our boss at work, the tax man, the bank that lent us money, etc. We may find ourselves more or less able to meet these demands or more or less willing.

There are also the internal imperatives of hunger, thirst, desire for sex, a need for success, etc. Or sometimes we just want to escape. There are healthy ways–taking a vacation–and less healthy–becoming a drug addict or alcoholic.

We may even seek an explanation for our existence by reading books, going to church, maybe even practicing yoga or meditation. We may seek meaning through creativity of various kinds, including enterprise, parenting, art, music, athletics, etc. Such seeking is natural. So where does it lead?

It makes a great deal of difference if we think that somehow we were created by a higher intelligence vs. just happening to be here. If we choose the former, we run the risk of projecting onto that higher intelligence our own feeble emotions of anger and judgment and believing we are “sinners in the hands of an angry God,” as an 18th century American cleric put it. But this type of self-flagellation won’t take us far unless we want to be candidates for an asylum.

Maybe then we can look to science for help. Modern science has postulated a universe much larger and more expansive than suspected by people of an earlier time. Instruments like the Hubble space telescope show galaxies seemingly without end. NASA’s Kepler space probe discloses the abundance of planets in our own galaxy that may support life like that on earth. The Big Bang suggests that the universe continues to grow from a central point, with new worlds likely coming into existence all the time.

So if there is a Divine Presence who set it all in motion, where is he/she/it today? Esoteric teachings suggest that the Creator permeates the entire cosmos at the finest vibrational level, but who makes the decisions about how the whole thing operates? If there is such a thing as free will, what kind of guidelines exist by which choices made may be evaluated?

What if the universe were viewed as a very large business? Obviously the man (or woman) at the top could not do everything on his (or her) own. Perhaps the big boss would know more than anyone about the business and its products. But he (or she) would need a lot of help at all levels of the organization, from the departmental level to the production floor.

There would also be needed an entry mechanism by which new employees would be inducted, trained, and oriented to their jobs. An orderly business would provide means for individuals to move up the ladder to more responsible positions as they became more mature, knowledgeable, and responsible. It would certainly help if the firm had some influence over the educational system by which those with potential for working in its employ gained through their education the skills that were advantageous to their future employment.

Maybe the universe resembles this model. Maybe there is a Creator who has a job to accomplish through the creation. Maybe it all has a purpose. Maybe the Creator can’t run it all by itself. Maybe help is needed. Maybe beings have been created to provide such help. Maybe those beings have also been given a developmental path by which they can move up the ladder to greater responsibility. Maybe those beings are of the same nature of unconditional love as the one at the top seems to be. Maybe those beings are us.

Copyright 2013 by Richard C. Cook

Richard C. Cook is a former federal analyst and NASA whistleblower, now a teacher of meditation and spirituality in Roanoke, Virginia. His latest book is “Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension.” His website is www.richardccook.com. He may be contacted at rickycook21@hotmail.com.