Unemployment Really 59%? Using Federal Figures From Bureau Of Labor Statistics It Appears To Be!

By Susan Duclos An email forwarded to me with screen shots from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which will be shown below, proves conclusively that the government is manipulating job numbers in order to claim that unemployment is down to 6.3 percent. 

Official numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for April. Click on “civilian labor force level” to see the numbers.

155,421,000 — that is 155 million willing and able to work. If 92 million are out of work the unemployment rate is %59.

The image sent was extracted on May 4, 2014:

As can be seen, the 155,421,000 number is accurate, but the image above does not show the 92 million out of the work force, but that is explained in a CBS DC article from May 2, 2014:

The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent in April from 6.7 percent in March, the lowest it has been since September 2008 when it was 6.1 percent. The sharp drop, though, occurred because the number of people working or seeking work fell. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count people not looking for a job as unemployed. The bureau noted that the civilian labor force dropped by 806,000 last month, following an increase of 503,000 in March.

The amount (not seasonally adjusted) of Americans not in the labor force in April rose to 92,594,000, almost 1 million more than the previous month. …..

In the video below I go over these numbers, using the calculator, so no one can be in any doubt as to the math, and sure enough, real unemployment when all who are able and willing to work are actually counted, not excluded because they didn’t look for work for four weeks, the real unemployment is over 59 percent.

Would anyone still like to argue that we are in a “recovery?”

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