Ukrainians Resist

Ukrainians Resist
by Stephen Lendman
They’re the best and bravest. They reject Kiev putschists. They’re what democracy looks like. 
They want fundamental rights everyone deserves. They’re putting their bodies on the line for them. 
They’re a model for freedom-loving people everywhere. The only solution to state repression is revolution. 
It grips Eastern Ukraine. It’s spreading throughout the region. Activists in a dozen or more cities are involved. So are others in small towns and villages.
What’s ongoing perhaps heads toward mass insurrection. Democratic change requires sustained resistance.
Ukrainians represent hope. They deserve universal support. On April 14, Reuters headlined “Ukraine’s east braces for anti-rebel operation as deadline passes.”
Lawless full-scale assault looms. Illegitimate putschist president Oleksandr Turchynov blames Moscow. “We will not allow Russia to repeat the Crimean scenario in the eastern regions of Ukraine,” he said.
Obama’s UN envoy Samantha Power lacks credibility. She’s ideologically over-the-top. 
Her husband, Cass Sunstein, is former Obama Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs administration. Francis Boyle calls him a “lethal neocon.”
Power is one of many administration extremists. She disgraces the office she holds. At an emergency Saturday Security Council session, she railed irresponsibly against Russia.
Power lied maliciously. She outrageously accused Moscow of spreading “disinformation and propaganda.” Her notion of “facts” is polar opposite truth.
She lied claiming Russian forces invaded Ukraine. She wrongheadedly blamed Moscow for ongoing protests. “We know who is behind” them, she said.
“Indeed, the only entity in the area capable of these coordinated, professional military actions is Russia,” she said.
Washington bears full responsibility for toppling Ukraine’s democratically elected government. 
It elevated fascist putschists to power. It did so lawlessly. It acted illegitimately. 
Growing numbers of Eastern Ukrainians demand fundamental democratic rights. They reject Kiev extremists denying them.
Ongoing protests are local. They’re spontaneous. They’re homegrown. Russia has no involvement in them. Power lied claiming otherwise.
Moscow’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin explained things responsibly. His comments fell on deaf ears.
He denounced Kiev putschists. He did so before. “The international community must demand the stooges of Maidan stop the war against their own people,” he said.
“Reckless actions (threaten) to rip apart the delicate garment of Ukrainian mosaic society.”
Kiev putschists ignore justifiable Eastern Ukrainian public anger. Growing numbers reject their “radicalized, chauvinistic, russophobic, anti-Semitic forces.”
“Some, including those in this hall, constantly look for Moscow’s hand in the events in the southeast, persistently without wishing to see the true reasons of the events in Ukraine. Quit doing it,” Churkin said.
“Quit spreading tales that we built up military armadas on the border with this country, ready at any moment, within a few hours to reach almost as far as La Manche, that we sent hordes of agents to coordinate actions of the protesting people of Ukraine.”
Illegitimate Kiev parliamentarians responded to Eastern Ukrainians demands for fundamental rights by passing “draconian laws.”
They threatened longterm imprisonment for “separatism (and) terrorism.” Churkin denounced anti-Russian accusations. He warned against using force against peaceful protesters.
“Let’s move aside from speculations, accusations, from searching for Russian phantoms flying all over different corners of Ukraine, but let’s concentrate attention on what we can do – in this case I’m directing my eyesight at my Western colleagues – in order to prevent the Kiev authorities’ reckless actions, which at this moment are embodied in the criminal order of Mr. Turchinov, and to prevent the realization of this order, which will have the most severe implications primarily for the people of Ukraine,” he said.
“Why did you not accuse of terrorism those who were terrorizing your government for a span of several months?”
“Those who actually terrorized the security forces, who actually set on fire the policemen, shot at them, just like they did at those who were protesting against the authorities and seemingly acted on their side.” 
“Those people, for some reason, you did not call terrorists, and even relieved them from any liability for their criminal actions that were conducted over several months.”
He called anti-Russian accusations “ridiculous.” Throughout Ukraine’s crisis, Moscow went all-out for resolving things responsibly, Churkin explained.
“It is not our fault what we are witnessing” now, he added. He accused Western nations of double standards. 
Their hypocrisy is brazen. They encouraged violently overthrowing Ukraine’s legitimate government. They manipulated events to do so.
They duplicitously call Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters “terrorists.”
On Sunday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned Kiev’s full-scale military operation order as “criminal.”
“The Kiev authorities, who self-proclaimed themselves as a result of a coup, have embarked on the violent military suppression of the protests,” it said.
On Monday, Sergei Lavrov criticized Western hypocrisy. Elements encouraging force must be held responsible, he said.
“The decision to apply military force is an extremely dangerous development. Those, who encourage such actions in Kiev should be held responsible to the full extent.”
“We do not interfere in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. There are no Russian agents, neither GRU, nor FSB,” he added.
“Russia is interested in an integral, united, friendly Ukraine, where all citizens live in peace, exercise their rights, have the possibility to normally interact with their neighbors.”
“It is possible to achieve this through a complete constitutional reform. The case in hand is that all Ukrainians should be equal in their rights, there would be no subhumans, who are forced to hear daily insults and tolerate humiliation from neo-Nazis.”
“Russian-speaking residents in the south and east of the country felt betrayed by those authorities that spoke about freedom, equal rights for all Ukrainians, but haven’t even stirred a finger to start a responsible dialogue with the South-East until the South-East stated that it would not tolerate this situation.”
“Only in recent days, some actions have been taken, but still these actions were spoiled by the decision to apply force in full extent, including army units.”
“We have clearly stated that applying force against the protesters would substantially undermine…the prospects of cooperation in setting the Ukrainian crisis.”
At a Sunday press conference, ousted President Viktor Yanukovych warned of impending civil war. “Blood was spilt today,” he said.
“The Kiev junta has issued a criminal order to use armed forces and the army against the protesters.”
“During my time in Kiev, we never used such methods against radicals and extremists.”
He blamed Washington for crisis conditions. CIA head John Brennan secretly visited Kiev. He met with putschist officials. 
Announced use of military force followed. Washington’s dirty hands are involved. Brennan “de facto sanctioned” assaulting protesters violently, said Yanukovych.
He urged Kiev security forces to disobey “unlawful orders.” Don’t shoot the “people of Ukraine,” he said. “You will never be forgiven.”
Referendum choice is the only solution, he added. “Now there is an urgent question of the referendum, which can protect the country from split,” he said.
First a referendum. Then real constitutional reform. Followed by democratic elections. Putschists plan polar opposite policies. Expect greater chaos to follow.
Former Ukrainian internal affairs minister/national police service head Vitally Zakharchenko warned of Kiev plotting Ukraine/Russia border provocations.
“According to our information, in eastern regions of Ukraine, provocations are being planned near the border in order to discredit the military personnel of the Russian Federation,” he explained.
He urged Ukrainian security forces to disobey illegal orders. He condemned Kiev putschists for issuing them.
“From the legal point of view, illegal orders are given out by the illegitimately appointed Turchyno, Avakov, Nalivaychenko (and) Makhnitsky,” he said.
Anonymous Ukraine interior ministry sources confirmed what’s planned, he added.
“Kiev authorities are preparing a big provocation, with a purpose to discredit the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions who are committed to holding a referendum and federalization of the country” he said.
“An order arrived at the management of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the armed forces of Ukraine deployed in Donetsk region, to use fighters from the Right Sector to simulate armed attacks on the these divisions.”
Lavrov expressed concern about Brennan’s secret Kiev visit.
“We would like to understand what reports about the CIA Director Mr. Brennan’s urgent trip to Kiev could mean. We have not received any reasonable explanation so far,” he said.
Eastern Ukrainian protests are growing. They spreading. Donbas miners are involved. Detachments are guarding occupied government buildings.
A retired miner perhaps spoke for others, saying:
“It’s hard to arouse the miners, but when you do, there will be trouble.” They oppose Kiev putschists. 
They’re involved in protests against them. They’re defiant. Their involvement strengthens anti-Kiev resistance. So do growing numbers across the region.
Western propaganda gives no quarter. On April 12, The New York Times headlined “Xenophobic Chill Descends on Moscow.” The Times lied claiming Moscow invaded Ukraine. 
“From the moment that Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea cast a new, bitter chill over relations with the West, a sinister jingoistic vibe has pervaded this unsettled capital – stirred up by state-controlled television and Mr. Putin himself,” it said.
Wall Street Journal editors are vicious. Bashing Russia is official policy. On April 13, they headlined “Russia’s Second Invasion,” saying:
Vice President Joe Biden heads for Kiev next week. He’s going to express Western support. A litany of Big Lies followed, adding:
He “may want to speed up his” visit. “By then Vladimir Putin may already have annexed another chunk of Ukraine.”
“…Russia(‘s) invasion of eastern Ukraine may already be underway,” they hyperventilated.
“Masked and armed Russian speakers with the distinct look of special forces, but no military insignias, took over police stations and other locations in much of Ukraine’s east over the weekend.” 
“This was the Russian president’s stealth mode of invasion in Crimea. By the time the West figured out what was going on, the deed was done.”
Russia didn’t invade Crimea. Invading Eastern Ukraine isn’t planned. Polar opposite policies stress responsible crisis resolution. Don’t expect Journal editors to explain.
Big Lies repeat. Readers are deceived. Malicious misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Russia bashing persists daily.
Journal editors suggest Putin plans full-scale invasion. Within weeks, they said. “(F)aux diplomacy” masks his intentions, they claim.
“His real goal is to redraw the postwar map of Europe to Russia’s advantage,” they added. “(B)y force if necessary.”
Twisting truth to fit official US policy is longstanding scoundrel media practice.
On April 13, neocon Washington Post editors headlined “Escalation in Ukraine,” saying:
“The Ukrainian government, for its part, has rightly taken the position that it cannot allow Russia to take over its cities by force of arms without fighting back.”
“Moscow is demanding that the country be chopped up into pieces and that areas under its influence be given a veto over Ukraine’s foreign policy.”
“It may be too late to prevent war in eastern Ukraine. But the United States must quickly take the measures promised by Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry, or lose what little credibility it retains on Ukraine.”
“If Ukrainians are forced to fight for their country, they should be helped.”
WaPo editors support Obama’s war on Syria. They support illegitimate Kiev fascist putschists. 
They barely stopped short of urging Washington confront Russia belligerently. They deplore peace and stability. 
They’re against legitimate democratic governance. They’re part of the Russian bashing chorus. They shame themselves in the process.
A Final Comment
On April 14, Voice of Russia (VOA) headlined “Leaked UN report claims Russia ‘rigged’ Crimean referendum.”
VOR cited an April 10 Foreign Policy (FP) propaganda report. It’s titled “Exclusive: UN Hints Russia and Its Allies Rigged Crimea’s Secession Vote.”
Washington’s dirty hands were involved. Lies substituted for truth. Not according to FP.
It’s Washington Post owned. WaPo is CIA-linked. US propaganda is prominently featured.
On April 15, a so-called confidential UN report will be presented to Security Council members.
It wrongfully blames ousted President Yanukovych for ordering “a bloody crackdown on pro-Europe protesters.”
He “plunged the country into turmoil,” it says. It led to “unrest in Crimea and Russia’s subsequent invasion and annexation…”
It claims 10 days before Crimea’s referendum, reunification critics “were threatened, detained and tortured.”
“(V)ote rigging” was rife, it added. Unidentified sources lied. They claimed “non-Ukrainians” participated. They “vot(ed) numerous times in different locations.”
Ivan Simonovic is UN Secretary-General for Human Rights. He’s a convenient US stooge. He wrote the report.
“Preliminary findings, based on publicly available information as well as reports from civil society representatives in Crimea, suggest that the referendum on March 16 raised a number of concerns in terms of respect for human rights,” he said.
Crimeans were “victims of (Russian) propaganda and misinformation,” he added.
Moscow “stage-managed the Crimean crisis.” Its “military presence” raised concerns.
At the same time, Simonovic’s report suggests that “Crimea’s Russian-speaking majority (wouldn’t) have voted any differently if conditions were less threatening to dissidents,” said FP.
It begs the question FP didn’t ask. Why rig election results assuring reunification support. Independent pre-election polls showed it overwhelmingly.
Independent monitors called voting scrupulously open, free and fair. Not a single irregularity was reported. Nor any human rights abuses.
Crimea’s vote was a model democratic exercise. It shamed America’s sham process. It has no legitimacy whatever. 
Don’t expect FP to explain. Or Simonovic. He lied claiming “credible allegations of harassment, arbitrary arrest, and torture targeting activists and journalists who did not support the referendum.”
No evidence whatever exists. No credible sources have any. Invented rubbish substitutes. Russia bashing is official US policy. 
Simonovic marches in lockstep. His report included a litany of Big Lies.
VOR cited Moscow justifiably saying Crimea’s referendum “was fully compliant with international law and must be recognized as legitimate.”
Claims otherwise have no credibility whatever. Big Lies substitute for clear unequivocal truth.
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