Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Mobilize for War

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Mobilize for War
by Stephen Lendman
When inmates run the asylum, anything is possible. Chaos is likely.
Obama’s Ukrainian allies include a rogue’s gallery of societal misfits. They’re militant fascists. They’re thugs. They’re criminals.
They’re illegitimate putschists. They’re hate-mongering anti-Semites. Combined they represent mob rule. 
They make mafia bosses look saintly by comparison. They threaten world peace. They vowed to fight. 
Illegitimate prime minister/Washington favorite Arseny Yatseniuk said “(m)ilitary intervention would be the beginning of war and the end of any relations between Ukraine and Russia.”
Illegitimate president Olexander Turchynov ordered Ukrainian military forces mobilized. Reserve forces were activated.
Full combat alert was ordered. Yatseniuk said: “This is not a threat. This is actually the declaration of war to my country.”
“If President Putin wants to be the president who started the war between two neighboring and friendly countries, between Ukraine and Russia…he has reached this target within a few inches. We are on the brink of disaster.”
Ukraine putschists want NATO intervention. Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s rap sheet includes numerous high crimes.
He disgracefully accused Russia of threatening European peace and security.
Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski nonsensically said his country “could feel threatened by a potential Russian military intervention.”
Canada’s right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper recalled his ambassador to Russia.
“We call on President Putin to immediately withdraw his forces to their bases and refrain from further provocative and dangerous actions,” he said.
He warned about “negative” Canadian/Russian relations.
On March 1, Canadian cabinet ministers discussed ongoing Ukrainian events. They issued a statement, saying:
“We join our allies in condemning in the strongest terms President Putin’s military intervention in Ukraine.” 
“These actions are a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They are also in violation of Russia’s obligations under international law.”
On Saturday, Obama and Harper spoke by phone. They agreed to “coordinate closely.”
On June 4 and 5, plans call for holding the 40th G-8 summit in Sochi, Russia. Whether it’s held remains in doubt.
Canada pulled out. So did Britain and France. On Sunday, UK Foreign Minister William Hague issued a statement, saying:
“The UK will join other G8 countries this week in suspending our cooperation under the G8, which Russia chairs this year, including meetings this week for the preparation of the G8 summit.”
US news media said Obama’s preparing to cancel his participation. Washington already suspended involvement in preparatory meetings.
John Kerry is an unindicted war criminal. He said Russia risks losing its G-8 status if its Crimean policy remains unchanged. He threatened measures to isolate Moscow.
Russia’s lower house Duma Committee for International Affairs head, Alexei Pushkov, said Western attempts to do so won’t work.
It’s “impossible,” he stressed. Attempted isolation is a “doomed” strategy, he said.
On Sunday, AP reported “(h)undreds of armed men in trucks and armored vehicles surround(ing) a Ukrainian military base in Crimea…”
Soldiers inside are prevented from leaving. Many Ukraine Crimean-based forces shifted sides. They reject Kiev putschists. 
On Sunday, Russia’s media reported rallies supporting Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.
Demonstrators carried Russian flags. They chanted “Russia and Ukraine are brothers forever” and “Crimea, Russia is with you.”
Rally organizers expressed concern for their Ukrainian compatriots. “We don’t abandon our people,” they said. They endorsed sending Russian military forces to protect them.
On March 2, said “Ukrainian radical activists are conducting organized searches of residences of former government officials…”
They’re handing over so-called documents found to America’s military. A Russian citizen identified only as Vladislav said he spent three days with neo-Nazi Right Sector extremists.
He took part in raids.”They load buses with the self-defense troops and go to MPs’ dachas in the suburbs, to their apartments, and break down their doors,” he said.
“They take (so-called) documents and hand them over to special people who check them.”
He saw men he called American military. They were in uniform. Germans were involved. They took what was found.
Right Sector radicals stole valuables. They were “handed over to intendants to be sold.”
Money raised would be used to buy weapons, he said. He mentioned “foreign mercenaries” involved in earlier Kiev violence.
On March 2, headlined “Ukraine nationalist leader calls on ‘most wanted’ terrorist Umarov ‘to act against Russia.’ “
Caucasus Emirate group head Doku Umarov is Russia’s most wanted criminal. He’s charged with murder, kidnappings and treason. 
He’s a Chechen Salafist. He’s linked to Al Qaeda. He’s called Russia’s bin Laden. He threatened terrorist attacks during Sochi’s Winter Olympics.
He claimed responsibility for attacking Domodedovo airport in 2011 as well as Moscow’s 2010 metro bomb incident.
He supports efforts to topple Syria’s Assad. He self-appointed himself Russian North Caucasus emir.
He was involved against Russia in both Chechen wars. It’s unclear if he’s still alive. 
In mid-January, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said Russian forces killed him. Whether true or false isn’t known.
At the time, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said:
“I think that until proof of death is presented for certain terrorists, the special services must list them as alive.”
“When such proof is presented, (their names will) be taken off the list of the living.”
Umarov last appeared alive in a summer 2013 video. He hasn’t appeared in others since then.
Neo-Nazi Right Sector leader Dmytry Yarosh wants Umarov’s help against Russia. He posted his message on the Right Sector’s VKontakte social network page.
He said “many Ukrainians with arms in their hands” supported Chechens against Russia. It’s “time to support Ukraine now.”
He called on Umarov “to activate his fight…” He wants him to “take a unique chance to win” against Russia.
He’s openly fascist. “I’ll be fighting Jews and Russians till I die,” he said earlier. 
He calls Russia Ukraine’s “eternal foe.” He said war between both countries is inevitable.
He openly supports Chechen militants. He backed Georgia’s 2008 aggression against South Ossetia.
Aliy Totorkulov chairs the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus. He calls Yarosh wanting Umarov’s help the “guts of the so-called new Ukrainian authorities.”
“Extremists, nationalists of all stripes, flooded the peaceful republic threatening it with chaos and violence,” he added.
Yarosh’s “hands are stained with blood.” Radicalized “Maidan sponsors” and forces supporting Caucasus instability reflect “single-center” extremism.
“We strongly support the the deployment of Russian troops to resolve the situation in Crimea as well as provide assistance to other Ukrainian regions, where the population rejects nationalism and asks (Moscow) for help and protection,” he stressed.
Right Sector officials are the worst of a bad lot of rogue elements running things in Ukraine.
They’re gun-toting, radicalized terrorists. Imagine them and likeminded extremists in charge of Ukraine’s government.
Imagine the damn fool in the White House embracing them. Next thing you know he’ll be calling them freedom fighters.
They’re cold-blooded killers. State terrorism reflects neo-Nazi Ukrainian governance. Democracy is verboten. Fascist criminals run things.
They belong in prison. They’re valued US allies. Obama bears full responsibility for elevating them to power. Perhaps we’ll all end up paying for his lawlessness.
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