Ukraine’s Poroshenko Wants Russians Interned in Prison Camps

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – Ukraine is a US-installed Nazi-infested fascist police state – waging war on its own people.

Criticizing regime policy is strictly forbidden. Anyone opposing state policies is targeted for elimination – by imprisonment or cold-blooded murder.

Free and open media don’t exist. Authorities want only their own views disseminated. Reporting hard truths on issues mattering most is criminalized.

Journalists are murdered for doing their job responsibly. Western governments support what demands condemnation. Western media ignore what demands headlines.

Kiev fascists operate extrajudicially. Poroshenko and supportive lunatics proposed “On legal regime of martial law” legislation.

It mandates extrajudicial concentration camp internment and/or “forced relocation of the citizens of a foreign country who threaten or undertake aggression towards Ukraine.”

In January, Kiev’s parliament declared Russia an “aggressor state.” It called on UN authorities to disenfranchise Russia as a Member State. Some MPs wanted Poroshenko to declare war.

The measure urged the world community to designate the democratic Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as “terrorist organizations.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister/State Secretary Grigory Karasin called Kiev’s action “absolutely irresponsible…a thoughtless act designed to impede advancement to much needed compromise in Ukraine.”

Millions of Russian citizens residing in Ukraine are more at risk than any time since WW II.

On May 12, Poroshenko’s measure passed – police state terror by any standard, ignored by Western leaders and media.

Besides authorizing internment of foreign nationals and/or forced relocation, it permits:

extrajudicial confiscation of private property;

mandates state control over mass media;

prohibits anti-regime protests, demonstrations, rallies, marches or other public gatherings;

bans opposition parties and media “acting against Ukraine’s independence;” and

requires forced labor for all working-aged Ukrainians not currently performing military service.

Martial law may follow at Poroshenko’s discretion with parliamentary rubber-stamp approval.

Ukraine increasingly resembles Nazi Germany. Perhaps its own version of Hitler’s Nuremberg laws may follow.

They institutionalized violence and solidified despotic rule. Enemies of the state included communists, Jews, trade unionists, social democrats, gypsies, homosexuals and anyone against Nazi governance.

Aryans alone were entitled to citizenship. Others were designated state subjects with no rights whatever.

Death camps followed. So did WW II. Does WW III loom?

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