Uh Oh — Belgians and Beer

Interesting article on Bloomberg about Belgians and beer.

Alarmed by a 17 percent drop in domestic consumption over the past decade–even as revenue from beer exports more than doubled–Belgian brewers are set to launch an advertising campaign urging their countrymen to drink local beers. “You can’t be the king of export and have a bad internal market,” says Sven Gatz, director of the Belgian Brewers trade association.

Yet I understand that Flanders is the place to find and drink great beer along the beer trails. The Guardian once published the following:

Drinking culture in Flanders is a very refined affair. The Flemish drink reverently and intelligently, selecting the right glass for the right beer, and matching their drink and food choices with all the elan of characters in an art-house film. Their sophisticated approach is a lesson in appreciation.

The Huffington Post published a nice guide for understanding Belgian beer styles. My personal favorite is Delirium Tremens.