The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It


Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News

On Wednesday, July 2nd, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko resumed unlimited war against the residents of southeastern Ukraine, whom he calls “terrorists” for their wanting not to be killed by his troops. European leaders (especially Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France, and Putin of Russia) urged him not to resume his bombing campaign against the southeast, but the U.S. (specifically President Obama) supports the bombings, and that’s enough for Poroshenko; so, he did it. As the U.S. State Department said, “he has a right to defend his country.” Reuters reports that Poroshenko gave as his reason for the resumption, “to rid Ukraine of ‘parasites’.” Adolf Hitler had given the same reason for ethnically cleansing his country.


Here are videos and photos of the Obama Administration’s sponsored ethnic cleansing to reduce the population in the areas of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly “the wrong way” in Ukraine’s final nationwide election, in 2010:  the areas of Ukraine that overwhelmingly chose as Ukraine’s President the man whom Obama’s coup overthrew in February 2014. After this ethnic cleansing, maybe Ukraine can have another nationwide election, which will produce the type of outcome that the U.S. Government likes. But on 25 May 2014, we held in Ukraine an election where people voted only in the pro-American portion of Ukraine, and only leaders who were acceptable to the U.S. White House were allowed onto the ballot.

America’s “news” media are not reporting on America’s ethnic-cleansing program in Ukraine. It’s happening in the dark, as far as the American public are concerned: they don’t know about it. But, here it is: this, is what they are hiding from you.

Washington’s people do not call this ethnic cleansing operation what it is; they instead call it Ukraine’s “Anti Terrorist Operation,” or “ATO” for short. The people we’re massacring are “Terrorists.” What they actually are is simply the residents in the parts of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly for Viktor Yanukovych on 7 February 2010 to become President, the final nationwide election in Ukraine. And here these millions of “Terrorists” are now, being bombed by us, and fleeing to refuge in Russia (you can see it, and hear it happening, right there: those “Terrorists,” fleeing our bombs) — it’s part of our ethnic-cleansing operation, not of any Anti Terrorist Operation, at all. Because it is we, the United States itself, that are terrorizing them, to flee. And “we” — our Government, as if they  really representedus (which they obviously do not) — are therefore mass-murdering them. This is what the U.S. “news” media have been hiding from us, by stenographically reporting Obama’s lies, as if those lies represented truths instead of lies — just like Bush’s lies about “Saddam’s WMD” did, and the U.S. media did, before we invaded Iraq on 19 March 2003.

And the Government that Obama put in place in Kiev, which is a government by Ukrainian oligarchs whom Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland selected and placed in control, is now advertising on the television stations that those oligarchs own, advertising that the people who live in Ukraine’s southeast are destroying the country and must therefore be destroyed by patriotic Ukrainians. The government’s Defense Minister announces publicly that concentration camps are being established in order to deal with any who don’t flee. The message to those “Terrorists” is clear: flee, or else die. The government has even announced that the military volunteers who go to the southeast to do the killing are patriots, whose reward will be that they will receive the properties of everyone they kill.

A google-search of “Ukraine” at a typical U.S. news site yields little — and nothing at all about this slaughter that our Government is financing and put into place there. For example, at Huffington Post, the search produces articles about supposed “aggression” by Russia for its accepting Crimea back into the Russian Federation after all public opinion polls and a public referendum in that region, which had been Russian until 1954, showed massive public support there for rejoining Russia. (And a recent Gallup poll of Crimeans confirmed that they craved to rejoin Russia and are now delighted that they did.) HuffPo has only news-wire reports about Ukraine, mainly AP and Reuters, and typical headlines there are like “Russia Resumes Military Buildup Near Ukraine Border,” and “Ukraine Vows To Punish Rebels Who Downed Plane.” There’s nothing about the genocide. For example, there’s no mention that this “plane” had been carrying 49 troops to murder civilians in the southeast where a genocide is taking place to clear the land and terrify the residents to flee into Russia. It’s a classic ethnic-cleansing campaign, and Obama put it into place. Americans don’t know.

One article is a March 3rd poll, which showed “Few Americans want the United States getting involved in policing the political turmoil in Ukraine.” The presumption there was that “we” shouldn’t fix “their” problems.” Who knew that “we,” our own President, is the mastermind behind that “turmoil,” and of this actual ethnic cleansing campaign?

Similarly, has many such poll-results, all showing a widespread public assumption that Russia initiated the “turmoil” and that the U.S. are just nice guys regarding Ukraine.

To see what a lie that impression is — a deception of the U.S. public by not only the “news” media but by the U.S. Government that’s behind this “turmoil” — click here and here and here and here and here, because you will then learn a great deal about this made-in-America horror story, which will only grow as the years roll by, just as is already happening in Iraq.

Remember Iraq? This one will be vastly worse. You’ll see. Just click on those links. You’ll see.

Because, if the American public doesn’t start investigating this now, then the results for all of us will be far worse, especially because this one could end in a nuclear war. And here is a video exposing the lies of the Obama Administration and its stooge-regime in Kiev about the May 2nd massacre in Odessa that sparked Ukraine’s civil war — our ethnic cleansing of the people who live in Ukraine’s southeast.

Barack Obama’s Ukrainian gambit is the most evil and worst part of his entire Presidency, and you will be shocked to learn about it, and how evil it is. Because the American press hasn’t told you about it. But it’s not too late for you to find out.

PS: The day after this news-report and analysis was first published here, the following news report, of only photos of the results from the resumed bombing, was posted here at RINF: 


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

  • kikz2

    Funny how those Ukranians have such a short memory, you’d think they’d really not want Jews running their government after their peoples’ genocide of multi millions in the 1930’s Holodomor at the hands of Stalin’s Jews.

    • cettel

      This is Eric Zuesse, and “likz2” is part of the problem.

      • kikz2

        so , you’re not a fan of history……

        • ozlanthos

          Apparently neither are you…. What brought Hitler to power? Oh yeah, an economic depression brought about by BANKERS!!!


    • ozlanthos

      You don’t know what you are talking about and should probably shut up… The Ukraine is asset-rich, and has it’s own banking system. Having your own banking system is important, because it can keep your nation from becoming beholden to an organization like THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Funny thing. You know who else has their own banking systems? IRAN! SYRIA! Iraq use to have their own banking system, LIBYA use to have it’s own banking system (and was COMPLETELY SOLVENT…hell of an achievement during a time when nations are racing to the bottom in a currency debasement war)! Wonder why you can’t buy jack crap with a dollar anymore? It’s because the Federal Reserve is sucking the value out of your dollars by printing more of them (and then dolling them out TO THEIR FRIENDS IN THE FORM OF 0% INTEREST “LOANS”)!!!

      The Ukrainians are trying to keep the same thing from happening to their nation by electing someone who IS NOT BEHOLDEN TO US, and you have the gall to talk like they’re are the ones that need their heads examined? WAKE THE F UP!!!!!


      • kikz2

        i’m quite awake…’ve furnished no new or unknown information. Ukraine’s PM is Jewish, Jews look after Jews best interests. by the by, just which group do you, in your infinite wisdom think has majority interests in the Federal Reserve Banking System worldwide?

        • ozlanthos

          Hence why all of my liquid assets are denominated in currencies neither the Federal Reserve, central banking organization or government is in charge of regulating, or issuing.


      • George Reichel

        ozlanthos,much of what you say is true but can’t you see?IMF is behind this whole mess in Ukraine and the US/CIA were their agents.IMF will destroy Ukraine

        • Frodo baggins


          ” After telling EU’s officials that he intended to sign the European association agreement, Yanukovich sent shock waves across the Western world when he suddenly reversed his decision (Until now, only Iceland has had the courage to say ‘no’ to western liberal reformers and their massive cash injections since the bottom fell out of the global economy in 2008).

          Why the change of heart? Because the now-deposed Ukrainian leader had no desire to sell his proud nation down the river. Yanukovich understood that the harsh austerity measures demanded by the EU-IMF-NATO triumvirate would have served as a final death blow to the Ukrainian people, already suffering from many years of high unemployment and a withering economy. “”

          Dr Paul Craig Roberts

      • Frodo baggins

        you don’t elect masters, rest of what you said rings true. FIAT banking rules the planet.

  • davol

    This genocide of people who vote incorrect is being tested in the Ukraine before they roll it out here in the US. We should stop this treasonous abuse of my tax dollars before it goes beyond the Ukraine. Bunch of F#kn war criminals for leaders.

  • Zubati Grigore

    You are sooooo funny… You pretend to know Ukrainian history and the reality in this country when you just try to push for your own idea. I reality Ukraine is victim of both US and Russia none of them what to let People to decide what they want to do. Russia started it 50 years ago by heavily populating the east side of Ukraine with Russian citizens so that on a lated date when Ukraine will try to free itself from Russian domination they have a tool to stop it. They have the same tactics in all the post USSR countries. On the other hand West alway tried to weaken Russian influence in this countries and alway push people leaving in this countries to have each others. At the end all of this people be them Russian – Ukrainian – Tatars are in this situation because of the politics plaid by west and east for hundreds of years. The is no good side in this story. Stop being a Russian partizan and say that US is an evil. The both contributed to this madness. And people in Ukraine they just want freedom. The reason they where forced to give up their Nuclear powers after second world war was that this situation was already being planed and to make sure Ukraine can’t stand for itself they (US and Russia) agreed to demand Ukraine to surrender it’s nuclear power.
    If Ukraine would have been free to develop and became a powerful country economically, military and politically they would’n try to do this mess.
    There are no good side or bad side. Both of this powers (US and Russia) want just to get more influence and more money power and slaves. Yes is a modern day slave…..

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    If you think that those people in the east of Ukraine really want Russian oppression, then you’re dumb. They’re not voting for their older president because they like him, but because they’re mostly forced to do so. I have an aunt in eastern Ukraine, and I’ll believe her more than your BS.

  • Bruce

    It’s U.S. effete!