Typhoon Haiyan Kills At Least 10,000 In Philippines, More Feared Dead (Videos)

Typhoon Haiyan has killed at least 10,000 and officials believe that number is higher as it is estimated that in one city alone, Tacloban, which is the provincial capital of Leyte, with a population of more than 200,000 up to 10,000 may have perished from the typhoon.

Haiyan wiped out 70-80 percent of buildings in it’s path in Leyte province, according to the chief superintendent Elmer Soria.

Via The Guardian:

 …..The Philippine Red Cross said in Tacloban bodies had been found “piled up around the roads” and in churches. Between 300 and 400 bodies had been recovered,

Lim said. On Samar island, which faces Tacloban, Leo Dacaynos of the provincial disaster office told Associated Press on Sunday 300 people were confirmed dead in Basey town and another 2,000 were missing. He said the storm surge caused sea waters to rise 20 feet when the typhoon hit.

There were still towns on Samar that had not been reached, he said, and appealed for food and water. Power was knocked out and there was no mobile signal, making communication possible only by radio.

Witnesses say they saw bodies hanging from trees and laying among th rumble in streets.

While the first video below is not in English, the devastation seen needs no language to understand.