This is America Today


Paul Craig Roberts

(RINF) – This is America Today

A gutless, cowardly population that accepts mass murder of women and children and destruction of countries without protest and sits and watches, without intervening, as criminal cops murder unarmed citizens and black thugs inflict brain trauma on women.

The behavior of these two black thugs is part of the reason that the white population in general more or less cheers when cops murder and brutalize blacks. But the question is: why was there no intervention by the bystanders against this young thug? Are people intimidated by the arrogant behavior of predator cops and thugs?

If so, they should remember that there is strength in numbers. Perhaps Americans could find
courage and determination in this rout of a pride of lions by water buffalo.

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  • Arlene Lane

    I THINK EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID, what more can you say to a nation of people that has allowed their government to commit more than three hundred years of treachery, not only on the rest of the world but on it’s own people, do I have to say that PEARL HARBOUR was an engineered event, and not only were more than 10 thousand us soldiers murdered but more than half a million islanders also, and did you also know that the USA nuked HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI 24 hours after the cease fire and surrender causing the deaths of over 8 million Innocent civilians, and what about your own native American Indians whose populations have been decimated with more than 400 broken treaties and reservations taken away from them because they were found to contain uranium and other Precious metals. and when 2013 came the illegal banking cartel were allowed to commit treason, and that I am afraid was the downward spiral for the USA.

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  • Newton Finn

    The KEY to getting the American water buffaloes to turn on the hyenas (not lions) that have had us on the run for decades in the TRUTH about 9-11. Were that ever to sink in, there would indeed be a revolution.