There’s A Rebellion Brewing Here In These United States Of America (Video)

By Susan Duclos -Cross posted at Before It’s News

The 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held from March 6-8, 2014 and conservative’s lined up to hear their favorites speak and in crowded rooms and to many applause, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tore into Barack Obama’s policies, from the IRS scandal to the Obama administration’s attack on religious freedom and everything in between.

Jindal ends his speech, after apologizing to Jimmy Carter for saying he was the worst president in Jindal’s lifetime because that now goes to Obama, with stating “There’s a rebellion brewing here in these United States.”

As well received as Jindal was, it was Senator Rand Paul that stole the show, not only with his speech but by winning the CPAC straw poll with nearly triple the numbers of anyone else, at 31 percent.

Paul’s speech will be shown below Jindal’s.