The TSA Wants to Remind You That You Are A Captive

The new “exit” portals gulags at Syracuse Hancock Airport are bulletproof pods that are meant to make you feel like a prisoner who cannot leave.

They’ve been called pods, bubbles, capsules, even Willy Wonka’s glass elevator, and they have caused confusion and frustration.

Adam Hayes, who was traveling from Fort Worth Texas, said “I’ve never see those before, so I travel quite a bit through many airports and I don’t understand the purpose of that right there. So it bottlenecks you coming out, when they should want you to leave.”

A futuristic voice gives the captive instructions on how to handle the temporary imprisonment. And yes, these new “portals” were designed and approved by the TSA. We are told to expect these to spread to airports all over the US in the near future. Some really bloody, sick tyrants came up with this contraption.