The Neocons Hate Our Guts

The most despicable group of political gangsters in America want to destroy this site, and everything it stands for. Who are they? The neoconservatives.

Originating in Trotskyism, through their cells in New York City in the 1930s, this bunch now controls much of the American right, on which they have fastened their ideology of constant war, the police state, the welfare state, militarism, and Soviet-like thought control. The Trots sought, and seek, world power for themselves, through bloody world revolution. Trotsky even sought to have the state determine who could marry and who could have children, long before Hitler, to create a new, subservient man.

If you read their own books, they are open about their devotion to the “noble lie,” an idea they got from Plato. It is a virtue, they claim, to lie to the people, so that the right characters stay in power, under the guidance of the right advisors.

The neocons are our opposites: pro-war, pro-state, anti-market. They long for the subjugation of the whole world to the American power elite, with themselves as the philosopher kings. And they lust to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

Since this ideological grouplet has lots of influence in the media, the government, big business, and big academia, why should they care about a site like LRC? It’s true that we do have massive traffic, and many followers all over the world, as we carry on the work of Murray Rothbard. But again, why would they worry?

The neocons are invariably backed by billionaires. Our supporters are thousandaires. So why the massive propaganda campaign against us? Why does it seem like a 1930s Moscow purge, with our side being readied for show trials?

The merchants of hate on cable TV, in newspapers and magazines, on what seems like 100 websites that Leon would be proud of, want to send us off to their version of the gulag, where we can be shut up, and our lives destroyed.

LRC has felt the force of their demonization machine before. But this time, the professional loathers are really mad, in both senses.

That’s a medal on my chest, of course, but they’ve stuck the pin in, too. Anyone who is against their bloody wars, present and planned, and who influences people against them, must be wrecked.

That is, they fear and despise our ideas, and no lie nor smear nor libel is beyond them. They will say anything in the cause of more statism and bloodshed.

Yet the forces of peace and freedom are growing. This is what terrifies the neocons. They’re weeping tears of resentment and venom. And they must not be allowed to triumph.

If you want to help LRC, if you want to turn back the neocons’ enmity and falsehoods, please consider making a donation. It will advance our ideas, cheer us all up, and drive the bad guys bananas. Now that is a good day’s work!

PS: The intellectuals of totalitarianism — the nasties who seek to wade in blood, who cheered on the police state in Boston, who want your every dime for the government and its oligarchs, who want fascism instead of free markets, who want to crush our hopes for liberty, are enjoying their time in the media sun. Help me wipe the smirks off their faces. Dollars and Bitcoins welcome!