The Industrial Big K: Women, Cereal, and Fat Talk

Kellogg’s is playing to the dumbed-down, Oprahized female masses with its latest campaign, “Fight Fat Talk.” The website is all about “positive posts that are helping silence the negativity.” Seriously – here it is.

Kellogg’s is using its signature chick cereal, Special K, to sell women on the notion that “fat talk” is a “barrier to weight management success.” Look at the “Gains Project” page and tell me this isn’t targeted for the stereotypical, confused, fearful-of-everything female. Maybe women talk so often about being fat because they are fat, and that’s why they keep talking about it. And since they are eating everything the government and the government’s nutrition satellites have told them to eat to stay healthy, they are confused. They don’t understand they have been hoodwinked by a government-industrial alliance and lied to by the science-medical establishment that reaps mega-profits from selling deception and developing standard protocols that make people sicker and fatter. Furthermore, this racket turns them into longer-term, high-revenue patients.

In the end, the goal is two-fold: (1) Kellogg’s is fighting to keep its chick cereal a hot seller in times where people are finally questioning the legitimacy of the government’s long-standing nutritional standards that favor industrial food machinations, and (2) The industrial giant is yet again confirming for you – without you having to think – that eating processed wheat and sugar out of a box will help you lose body fat. In essence, these ‘don’t-feel-bad-about-being-fat’ campaigns are nothing more than propaganda for the masses to condition them into self-acceptance for being fat and abnormal. When folks accept being fat and don’t work to change it, the government-industrial machine keeps on churning out and selling its subsidized-politicized, food pyramid-approved industrial slop that is promoted as healthy food.

Now put down your beverage to avoid a keyboard spitting incident before you go to this page (click on “Products”) that tells fearful women what to eat to nourish their bodies: processed, frozen waffles; sugar bars; fudge-dipped pretzels; brownie bites, etc.