The Exceptional Mandate

Remember when.

The Czar, in the video snippet below, imparts the notion that the state is the your Lord and Master, and don’t you ever forget it. Obama uses these terms freely: “force” and “harsh penalties,” and then he states that for those who are non-compliant with the mandate to purchase health insurance they don’t want, “we must go after their wages.” But yet we are the “most free” county on earth. Isn’t this what we keep hearing? We are exceptional, hence American Exceptionalism. Oh, and by the way – here is the face of American Exceptionalism: Flag, Newt, and Greatness. Here is a snippet from the publisher’s review (stop laughing, please):

Our nation is exceptional, continues Newt, because we–unlike any nation before or since–are united by the belief and the promise that no king, no government, no ruling class has the power to infringe upon the rights of the individual. And when such a government attempts to do so, we will vigorously reject them.

This is satire on steroids. The book goes on to put all the blame on “liberals” for the fact that we live in an omnipotent state where the king, government, and ruling class not only infringe on the right of the individual, but this trio of “exceptionalism” coerces the individual by using violent actions as a threat for non-performance and imprisons or commits ruination of the individual when they reject dictatorial rule, oppressive decrees, and the status quo. Stunningly exceptional, indeed.