Tax Attorney Destroys Obama Over Continued IRS Targeting Scandal (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Tax attorney Cleta Mitchell absolutely destroys Obama’s lies to the American people when he claimed that bone-headed bureaucrats in some remote office was responsible for the targeting of Tea Party, Patriot and conservative groups by the IRS.

She makes three clear points, then expands and proves her case in front of Congress in the video below.

Everything Obama has uttered in regards to this massive IRS targeting scandal has been a huge lie and the people of the US need to hear it, know it and act accordingly.

Via the video details:

“I want to make three primary points here. First, the IRS scandal is real. It’s not pretend, it’s real. Number two, the IRS scandal is not just a bunch of bone-headed bureaucrats in some remote office contrary to what the President of the United States told the American People on Sunday. And, number 3, the IRS scandal is not over. It is continuing to this day. And, the Department of Justice Investigation is a sham. It is a nonexistent investigation.”


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