Subverting Peace

Subverting Peace
by Stephen Lendman
Washington abhors it. So does Israel. Both countries deplore rapprochement with Iran. Decades of hostility prove it. Little ongoing now suggests otherwise.
Last November’s agreement represented a first time breakthrough. A previous article said hold the cheers.
Longstanding hardline US/Israeli policy hasn’t changed. Congress heads closer to imposing new sanctions. Doing so will violate the letter and spirit of Geneva.
America is duplicitous. Agreements are systematically violated. Obama is no peacemaker. Throughout his tenure, he’s waged multiple direct and proxy wars.
They show no signs of ending. Obama’s word isn’t his bond. He’s a serial liar. He broke every major promise made.
He remains hardline on Iran. His softer rhetoric reflects deception. Interim agreed on Geneva terms are temporary.
Obama violated them straightaway. He imposed new sanctions on Iranian, Asian and European companies. He did so on individuals. He did it unilaterally by executive order. 
Asking Congress to hold off on more rings hollow. He could have normalized relations straightaway in office if he wanted. 
His policies are polar opposite. They’ve been so all along. Is this time different? His record suggests otherwise.
Iran has no guarantees. It has reason for concern. It’s been betrayed many times before. It’s hard imagining changed US policy. It remains hardline. It threatens world peace.
Esmayeel Kosari is an Iranian parliamentarian. He’s a National Security and Foreign Policy Commission member. He expressed concern, saying:
“Iran’s nuclear activities have turned into a pretext in the hands of the western countries in recent years, and each time they make our country’s (nuclear) case more complicated under such pretexts (of) transparency and confidence-building.”
Kosari believes Washington deplores a transparent Iranian nuclear program.
“Convincing public opinion of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities will certainly be a great failure for the Americans, and therefore, they continuously rock the boat in order not to allow this to happen,” he said.
Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht-Tavanchi said Israeli officials and their US supporters deplore rapprochement with Iran.
“The Zionist lobby sustained a defeat in the recent agreement in Geneva,” he said. It “improved Iran’s regional and international position and (its) regional power was recognized.”
Parliament Speaker advisor Hossein Sheikholeslam said capitalism, not democracy, runs America. Powerful monied interests do most of all.
So do influential Zionists. They own Congress. “(H)ence we always witness (how they) move against Iran,” said Sheikholeslam.
“And there are many cases in which the American nation’s interests are sacrificed for the sake of the Zionist regime’s goals,” he added.
Political analyst Milad Jokar asked why Netanyahu called Geneva “a historic mistake?”
His “coalition government logically finds an interest in maintaining the status quo with the Palestinians.”
Geneva’s failure “would keep the international community’s focus on Iran rather than the Israeli-Palestinian peace process,” he said.
Demonizing Iran is longstanding Israeli policy. Previous articles explained. Israel wants unchallenged regional control. 
It wants all potential rivals removed. Iran is a major one. Keeping it isolated under severe sanctions furthers Israel’s agenda. Rapprochement subverts it.
Jokar believes achieving it “put(s) the UN conference on a Middle East zone free from nuclear weapons back on the world powers agenda with greater credibility.”
Israel’s open secret will “become almost impossible to dodge,” he added. It could “jeopardize (its) regional arms hegemony.”
Influence Iran may gain comes at Israel’s expense. Geneva faces huge headwinds against it. US and Israeli hardliners will go all out to subvert it.
Obama can’t be trusted. Throughout his tenure, he’s been anti-Iranian. His policies prove it.
Repeated he said he’ll “do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”
He says it knowing no developmental program exists. Suggesting otherwise is one of many Washington Big Lies.
They facilitate regional conflicts. They threaten world peace. They jeopardize rapprochement with Iran. Washington deplores all independent governments.
Their existence compromises its hegemony. Longstanding US policy demands eliminating them. Wars are fought to do it. 
They’re ongoing now. Their aim is achieving unchallenged US dominance. Israel operates the same way. It’s allied with Obama’s war on Syria. They’re united against Iran.
Mossad connected DEBKAfile (DF) proliferates anti-Iranian propaganda. On January 9, it headlined “Iran blatantly defies five key Geneva Pact commitments – heads for nuclear arsenal.”
DF falsely claims Iran’s installation of additional IR-2m centrifuges violates Geneva agreed on terms. They’re modified versions of second generation machines. 
They’re vital for Iran’s legitimate nuclear program. P5+1 countries are kept full informed. Iran wants its R&D rights respected. It wants to be treated like all other nuclear states.
It has every right to insist. It won’t accept less. Nothing suggests Iran’s program isn’t peaceful. Not according to DF. Iran’s “misconduct” is blatant, it said.
It “brazenly informed the negotiating powers that even more advanced centrifuges have been developed and will soon be installed for test-runs.”
Doing it complies with the letter and spirit of Geneva. Iran has every right to pursue legitimate R&D. So do all other nuclear states.
DF left Israel’s nuclear outlaw status unaddressed. Iran was one of NPT’s first signatories. It fully complies with its provisions.
Israel refuses to sign. It’s program is illegal. It amassed a powerful nuclear weapons arsenal. It’s the region’s only nuclear power.
Without mentioning atomic weapons specifically, Israel threatens to use all its weapons if needed. They include chemical and biological ones. 
Israel uses them in its wars. It’s always done so. It uses radiological ones. It uses other banned weapons.
Some cause injuries never before seen. Israel operates with impunity. It used radiological weapons against Lebanon. 
It did so in 2006. Soil samples showed high radioactivity. Uranium-based munitions caused it. Evidence showed depleted uranium contamination in Gaza.
The entire Strip potentially is affected. Imagine the potential harm. Imagine the coverup to conceal it. Imagine the pain and suffering left unreported.
Imagine Israel’s repeated crimes of war and against humanity. Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It threatens none now. 
It never called for Israel’s destruction. Claiming it is another Big Lie. So many US and Israeli ones circulate, it’s hard keeping count. 
The enormous harm both countries cause is well documented. High crimes barely describe them. They’re horrific ones by any standard. Don’t expect DF to explain.
It runs cover for Israeli lawlessness. It spreads lies about its enemies. It does so about Iran’s legitimate nuclear program. It claims it’s able to produce a bomb on short notice.
No program exists to do it. Annual US intelligence reports confirm it. So do ongoing IAEA inspections. 
Israel refuses to let its nuclear facilities be inspected. No one pressures it to do so. It blatantly violates NPT provisions. It’s atomic weapons threaten humanity.
DF ignores what’s impossible to conceal. It lies claiming a “military dimension (to) Iran’s nuclear program.” No such operations exist.
No evidence proves one. What follows in 2014 remains to be seen. Longstanding anti-Iranian sentiment bodes ill for what’s likely.
Washington and Israel are hardline. Nothing suggests softened policies ahead. Both countries are warrior states. 
They deplore peace. Belligerence defines their agenda. Lawless aggression reflects it. Previous articles explained this way. 
Syria is in the eye of the storm. It remains so. Don’t expect upcoming peace talks to change things. 
Iran’s turn awaits. Whether Washington and/or Israel plan war remains to be seen. It’ll embroil the entire region if happens. 
It’ll be catastrophic. Hopefully cooler heads in both countries will prevent it. There’s too much to lose if they don’t.
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