Steve Quayle & Greg Evensen – Mother Of All Meltdowns – Deliberate Destruction Of America – The Weekend Vigilante Show (Video)

By Susan Duclos – Originally posted at Before It’s News

The Weekend Vigilante, Sheila Zilinsky is joined by internationally acclaimed Steve Quayle and award winning lawman and trooper Dr. Greg Evensen in a show that might just be the most important show that can ben heard today, this week, month or year, as they delve deeply into the “importance of the second amendment and the New World Order globalists plans for the gun owners of America.”

Also discussed is the situation between the US and Russia and what the dire implications for America are, and how America needs to wake up and understand what is happening, because those unaware of what is going on will the very people harmed the most.

Key quote from Quayle – “Any law enforcement agent, any military officer, or infantry men, any state, local or county politician, who votes for the disarmament  of the American public is a co-executioner in the plans that have been made. They’re not coming for the guns, they’re coming for the gun owners.

If you listen to nothing else today, you must listen to the show below!