Slavyansk Braces for Onslaught

Slavyansk Braces for Onslaught
by Stephen Lendman
It could happen any time. Kiev putschists said “second stage” operations were launched. Strategy calls for “completely isolat(ing)” Slavyansk.
It’s a freedom fighting stronghold. Self-defense forces prepared. Coop-appointed presidential administration head Sergey Pashinsky said:
“The aim is to…localize the problem.” Operations remain ongoing. Pashinsky lied saying “terrorists have placed their key strong points in kindergartens and hospitals.”
He called what doesn’t exist “classic terrorism.” Freedom fighters denounced him. They called his accusations “ridiculous.”
Journalist Graham Phillips said area troops built up. Snipers in forests are positioned. 
Slavyansk was encircled. Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) first deputy head General Vasily Krutov lied saying:
“We will not go the length of (civilian) casualties to storm the city. We understand that this may lead to many people coming to harm.”
Freedom fighters brace for the worst. Fascists give no quarter. Armored vehicles positioned around Slavyansk. 
Troops with no insignia were spotted. Onslaught could follow any time. So could massacring city residents.
Moscow’s Foreign Ministry policy is polar opposite America’s State Department. It addressed what’s happening responsibly.
“Russia is urging explicitly to stop immediately all battles and actions and violence, to withdraw troops and to start complete implementations of the Geneva statement of April 17, 2014 by the Ukrainian parties,” it said.
“Taking into account the current crisis, we think it is necessary to start with passing the measures stipulated in the agreement of February 21, 2014, which was signed by leaders of the coalition formed in Verkhovna Rada and witnessed by the German, Polish and French foreign ministers.” 
“This would allow us to begin a practical de-escalation in accordance with the Geneva statement.”
Kiev putschists spurn doing so. They say one thing. They do another.
“One of the key (Geneva) provisions requires immediate(ly) start(ing) a wide national dialogue in the framework of constitutional reforms,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.
It “must be inclusive, transparent and accountable. (It must) involv(e) all regions and political forces.” 
“(It must) take into account public comments and suggested amendments.”
Putschist parliamentarians “demonstratively evad(e)” their responsibilities. They “visibly demonstrate” opposition to “a way out of the deep political crisis in the country.”
“Again we call on the Ukrainian side to actively, and not only in words, to demonstrate a sincere attempt to finding national agreement in Ukraine.”
Sergey Lavrov addressed what’s happening forthrightly. Moscow doesn’t bully others to obey, he said.
“We won’t force anyone. We won’t blackmail anyone with threats, that if you don’t vote like we want you to, we’ll cut your aid.” 
“That’s how the Americans do it when they collect votes from around the world,” not Russia, he added.
We know how they operate. “We know all of this because we were told.” 
“We were told of the methods of how the Americans work with governments of all the various regions.” 
“That’s not our method. We won’t blackmail. We won’t threaten. We are after all respectful people,” Lavrov stressed.
“To complain to us that we have signed something in Geneva that legitimizes the actions of the (Kiev) regime and demand that we take some de-escalating steps only in the southeast, is simply a lie.” 
“(W)e will insist on respecting the Geneva Accords and will categorically reject attempts for them to be distorted.” 
“US propaganda power has always been aimed at and continues being aimed at distorting the picture of what is happening in Ukraine, smearing the Russian Federation and smearing those who protest against the illegitimate actions of powers trying to ban the Russian language.”
Moscow supports Geneva four-party agreement terms. It’s gone the extra mile. It’s gone all-out to implement them.
Washington says one thing. It does another. It has “a mind-blowing ability of turning everything upside down,” said Lavrov. 
Its actions speak louder than words. It systematically violates Geneva. So do Kiev putschists. Agreement was dead on arrival. 
Peaceful conflict resolution is fantasy. Barrel-of-a-gun diplomacy substitutes. 
Things head from bad to worse. Out-of-control bloodbath conditions may follow. 
Expect freedom fighters to be blamed for putschist crimes. So will Russia. Expect greater trouble coming.
Fascists rule one way. Democracy is strictly verboten. Compromise is out-of-the question. So is local autonomy.
Over 80% of Ukrainians speak Russian. They’re in danger. Putschists are Russophobes. 
A Lvov woman was fatally beaten for speaking Russian. Imagine what others face. Nazi Germany vilified Jews. Mass extermination followed. 
It remains to be seen what Ukrainians face. Early signs aren’t encouraging. Ukraine is unsafe to live in. 
Police state harshness threatens. Full-blown tyranny approaches. It’s arriving at flank speed.
A Final Comment
Separately, spurious accusations claim Syria launched several chemical weapons attacks. UN Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari denounced them.
“The Syrian government categorically rejects use of chemical weapons and recent all allegations on using chlorine gas by the Syrian Arab Army or any affiliated unit,” he said.
“The main aim of these allegations is to disturb the successful arrangements of the presidential elections in Syria…and those who come up with such allegations will not spare any efforts to break down the election process.”
Russia’s Foreign Ministry backs al-Jaafari. It has reliable information supporting his comments. 
CW accusations are spurious. Circulating them is a thinly veiled pretext “for using force,” it said. Al-Nusra extremists bear full responsibility. 
They used CWs before. Assad was falsely blamed. He’s systematically eliminating all Syrian CWs. 
Reliable reports said 92% were destroyed. Remaining ones will be shortly. Doing so won’t stop fabricated accusations. Obama wants Assad toppled. 
He wants stooge leadership replacing him. No end of conflict looms. It remains to be seen what follows.
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