Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire: Continued Terror-Bombing

Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire: Continued Terror-Bombing
by Stephen Lendman
Riyadh’s so-called next phase replicates its initial phase. Rhetoric alone changed.
Terror-bombing continues. Civilians are most harmed. They’re being slaughtered in cold blood.
Saudi-announced Operation Restoring Hope involves destroying it.
Osfam’s Yemen representative Grant Pritchard said “(a)irstrikes are continuing over Taiz today. It is Yemen’s third largest city.” 
“And there is fighting on the ground in many of the southern governorates. For example, Aden. They are still fighting there.”
“Food insecurity figure has risen by approximately 2 million. So in the country there are about 12 million people that do not have enough food to eat.” 
“That equates to nearly just under 50 percent of the population.”
Including numbers before terror-bombing began, Pritchard estimates around 650,000 displaced Yemenis – thousands more daily.
Overnight Wednesday strikes targeted Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, Lahij, al-Waht and Saada governorate.
Dozens of mostly civilians were killed – many more wounded. The death toll approaches 3,000, thousands more injured, many maimed for life.
Riyadh’s Tuesday announced halt to terror-bombing was willful deception. Obama wants conflict continued – maybe until Yemen is entirely destroyed. 
Everything is orchestrated in Washington – including targets to strike. Civilian ones continue being terror-bombed.
On Wednesday, huge crowds massed in Sanaa – protesting Saudi state terror. They blamed Washington and Israel for ongoing conflict. They demanded it end.
The ICRC called worsening humanitarian conditions “catastrophic.” Houthis said they’ll talk peace under UN auspices – only after Saudi-led terror-bombing stops entirely.
Riyadh and Washington blame victims for their own high crimes. Conflict continues unabated.
Last Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – demanding the world body act to stop fighting.
Ban did absolutely nothing like always. He’s a reliable US imperial tool. Zarif said:
“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that all efforts, particularly those by the United Nations, should be guided, in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and fundamental principles of international humanitarian law, by the following objectives:
1. Ceasefire and an immediate end to all foreign military attacks. 
2. Unimpeded urgent humanitarian and medical assistance to the people of Yemen. 
3. Resumption of Yemeni-lead and Yemeni-owned national dialogue, with the participation of the representatives of all political parties and social groups. 
4. Establishment of an inclusive national unity government.”
Zarif’s proposal so far is ignored. Washington deplores peace. Expect protracted conflict.
The WHO said numbers of sick and wounded seeking treatment dropped sharply after terror-bombing began. 
Victims can’t access health facilities. Prices of essential medicines skyrocketed – making them unaffordable for most Yemenis.
Lack of clean drinking water and basic hygiene increase the risk of cholera, hepatitis A, severe diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases.
Tass reported Russia continues airlifting foreign nationals to safety – nine flights so far.
Since early April, Moscow evacuated over 1,000 nationals from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, America and other countries.
Russia’s navy evacuated hundreds more – including 18 US citizens Washington abandoned. It refuses to help its own citizens leave war-torn Yemen.
Saudi terror-bombing accomplished only mass slaughter and destruction. Houthi fighters continue making gains on the ground.
Slow-motion genocide stalks Yemenis. Washington bears full responsibility. Its rogue partners share it.
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