RT & Former UK Ambassador Exposing CIA-MI6 Control Over Western ‘News’ Media

Eric Zuesse

It’s an old story, but each time that an example of it occurs, it is hidden, instead of reported.

The fact that America’s CIA has the cooperation of all major news-media in the the United States is well known and long-established, such as in the following two obscure places:



The CIA is one of the major extensions of America’s part of the international Deep State, the few thousand U.S. billionaires, who are the only people that actually control U.S. foreign policies. They also control the nation’s major news-media so that their foreign policies — such as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the invasion of Libya in 2011 — will be supported by enough Americans in order to re-elect the politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, who had voted for or otherwise enabled those invasions. These billionaires also own controlling blocs of stock in their international corporations, which, of course, benefit from such invasions.

So: here’s the latest clear instance of it, and this one reflects the British portion of the international Deep State:

On September 23rd, Craig Murray, the former UK Ambassador who quit the UK’s foreign services as a whistleblower against the Deep State, reported a brazen fabrication by the onetime-progressive British newspaper the Guardian, a smear which had been targeted against both Julian Assange and the Government of Russia, and which aimed at continuing to hide the Deep State’s ongoing aggressions against Russia and against governments that are friendly toward Russia. Murray closed:

It is very serious indeed when a newspaper like the Guardian prints a tissue of deliberate lies in order to spread fake news on behalf of the security services. I cannot find words eloquent enough to express the depth of my contempt for Harding and Katherine Viner, who have betrayed completely the values of journalism. The aim of the piece is evidently to add a further layer to the fake news of Wikileaks’ (non-existent) relationship to Russia as part of the “Hillary didn’t really lose” narrative. I am, frankly, rather shocked.

One of the reader-comments to Murray’s article recommended and linked to


which exposes the profound corruption of America’s Democratic Party and how its billionaires control left-of-center voters by deceiving them into voting in political primaries for these billionaires’ politicians to become the Party’s nominees in general elections. The billionaires control the international corporations and ‘news’-media and their tax-exempt PR fronts the ‘non-profits’, so as to fool enough voters in order to turn America’s national elections into merely contests between different brands of fascists, liberal versus conservative.

The next day, RT, Russian Television, bannered, “Guardian’s ‘deliberate lies’ over Assange Russia plot slammed by Craig Murray”, and the reader-comments there were similary strong against the Deep State that controls Western ‘democracies’.

The present news-story about ’news’-lies has not yet been reported in any of the major ‘news’ media in The West. In case none of these major ’news’-media has yet learned of this important matter, this news-report about it is being sent today to all major ‘news’ media in The West, in order to provide each one of them its opportunity to report upon the corruption behind today’s Guardian, and behind all of them. So, now none of them can say they didn’t know of this. Each will either report it, or else continue to hide it. But it’s an important news-story, regardless of whether or not they report it.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.