Red Shirt Friday Video: Boone Cutler discussing American WarFighters

‘Support the Troops’ is what Red Shirt
Friday is all about.  The concept is not just restricted to Canada; it
reaches across America too.  One American Veteran who is speaking out, 
reaching out  on issues facing our Troops – our WarFighters – is Boone Cutler.  Take a look and really LISTEN!


Boone Cutler has become a very public face for WarFighters – Veterans – everywhere.

If you really believe that ‘Support the Troops’ is more than putting a sticker on your car, and wearing something red one day a week, there are groups you can join on social media, and beyond, to be pro-active in joining the battle at home for these Combat Veterans.

Check out Tipping Point with Boone Cutler on FaceBook, for Boone’s radio schedule. Join the community there. Be part of the solution.Not just on Fridays, but 
As Boone says in this video: (and I know my regular readers hear me say this all the time):