The Real Heroes of Ukraine: a Chronology

The events that put the Maidan protests into full swing and led to the takeover by the new Kiev government were choreographed. This is made clear in Vladimir Kornilov ‘s article headed “I will prove to you that the pro-European Maidana heroes and the provocateurs titushki Bankovoj are one and the same….” After the Yanukovych government failed to sign the association agreements with the EU, Kornilov noticed a dramatic uptick in conspiratorial conversations at the ultra-nationalist forums he was monitoring.

On the eve of the first violent protests, the conversations took this tone: “It is better to take the tube pipe. It is better to hold and does not bend.” “If a lot of commandoes come to attack, you need to throw paint.” “A Molotov is better, if you have one.” “A 2.4 inch pipe will not fail either. The optimal length is 0.9-1.1 meter.” It was this insidious preparation that would the next day bring widespread condemnation for brutality on the Berkut, the now disbanded Ukrainian elite police force whose mission was to maintain order in the streets. The Ultra Nationalists were ready to resort to violence on November 29, before any violence had yet occurred.

The conspirators were also given instructions on how to dress and how to act the evening the students and reporters were beaten by the Berkut. “Take scarves, dark tones. Worse, but a valid option: Wear a medical mask…football pads. Take reinforced hammers for construction of the future White Europe, though! Aim at the helmets…. Never say that we are for violence. We defend democracy.”

According to the official story, the Berkut were attacked by men in masks using sticks, bricks, and bottles. The record of the forum posts definitely supports that. The fact that Mr. Kornilov was writing about this, and that ultra-nationalists were gathering at Maidan before anything got out of hand, only enhances the credibility of his story.

The Real Maidan and Ukrainian RevolutionLate in the summer of 2013, Ukrainian ultra-nationalist leader Dimitri Yarosh made a video at one of his training camps telling his people to be ready for the revolution that was coming. The opportunity just needed to present itself.

On November 21, 2013 that opportunity came in spades, when the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine fell into shambles. Ever since, Mr. Yarosh has been pulling the strings of the world by means of the revolution he choreographed.

Given Yarosh’s statement of intent, the timeline of events, and the dramatic changes in Ukraine made under the control of Yarosh loyalists, it is evident that the protests leading to the Maidan revolution were anything but spontaneous. They were in fact the product of a well-written script.

The following statement was printed at, a publication very friendly to Mr. Yarosh. It was taken from the Members Only section of the website operated by the ultra-right umbrella organization Pravy Sector (Right Sector). Notice the date of publication: November 23. This is one full week before the start of the actual Maidan protests that led to the revolution. Here is the statement as posted in the publication:

Publication time: 23 November 2013, 12:15 

Ukrainian nationalists from S. Bandera Tryzub (Trident) group issued a statement  urging mobilization of its members in connection with a new betrayal of Ukraine by the pro-Moscow puppet regime of president Yanukovych. The statement reads:


Yanukovych and his pro-Russian oligarchic criminal gang decided on November 21 to destroy the independence of Ukraine by drawing our state into a modern imperial project called the Customs Union.

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