Public Prison Sex Education

Imagine conflating “talking,” “hugging,” and “dancing” with “anal sex,” “grinding,” and “oral sex”? Oh – and that’s material for 13-year-olds. See what one parent in Kansas is fighting.

Question: how do people express sexual feelings? Answer: let the village tell ‘em how, after a committee of knuckle-dragging, school-board’ing dipsticks collectively assembles numerous charlatan studies supporting the notion that your children are to be gathered and herded like mindless androids into a program that teaches individual-personal intimacy like it is a reflex-based, beastly behavior. You teach your children to love and respect and set boundaries, and the schools teach them to “grind” and give BJs to strangers for peer acceptance.

Says robotic bureaucrat: “This curriculum aligns with national standards…”

If “it takes a village,” these are the village idiots that you want to be far, far away from your children. Oh shucks, I guess this must make me a “prude.”

Children are spending their childhoods locked up in compulsory educational prisons being bombarded with collective-egalitarian twaddle from a cluster of undereducated, over self-esteemed cyborgs masquerading as teachers with their paper certificates from MindWarp University.

No revolutionary spirit — of the soul and mind and heart – can ever emerge from such a tragic, collective, and mind-suppressing environment as today’s public schools.