Political Mythbusters

  Me again. As usual, my post will be short and seasoned with a dash of “snark”.

 I’m very dismayed by the constant barrage of blatantly false items posted on social sites concerning our Socialist Leader Barack Hussein Obama. The least people can do is a simple 30 second websearch. Here is the item in question:

 Look closely and see if you can find the most critical mistake of this picture claiming Obama as a foreign student.  (jeopardy time clock tune)
 Times up! Too slow!

The answer is: “What electronic device used to make life simpler for retailers was introduced in 1991?”

 Question is “What is a barcode Alex?”

 There are so many things we can do to kneecap this man with, without resorting to falsehoods. It makes us look silly and cracks the credibility of the truth.


“Bars & Stripes first introduced
Bars & Stripes was first introduced to the market in 1991 by Tippecanoe Systems, Inc.  Since then, Bars & Stripes has gone on to be one of the industry’s most popular barcode software applications enabling small businesses to adopt bar coding with minimal expense.”

 Bubble burst sweetheart……card is dated 1981. 

“Wow Mr. Obvious! Huh…I didn’t make the connection!”

 In Liberty,