Obama’s Duplicitous V-Day Remarks

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – Obama and Vladimir Putin are geopolitical polar opposites. Russia’s leader supports peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all countries.

He believes nation-state sovereignty is inviolable. He embraces UN Charter and other fundamental rule of law principles.

He opposes interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. He believes no country may attack another except in self-defense – and only if Security Council members authorize it as core international law stipulates.

Obama thrives on endless wars of aggression, violence and instability. He claims a divine right to intervene against other nations at his discretion – politically, economically and militarily.

He believes war is peace. He calls wars of aggression liberating ones. His notion of humanitarian intervention is genocidal slaughter and destruction – against one nation after another.

He flagrantly breaches Nuremberg Principles defining crimes against peace to include:

“(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances; (and)

(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).”

He targets all sovereign independent countries for regime change. He wants US-controlled puppet leadership replacing them.

He wants unchallenged dominion over planet earth. He wants its resources plundered for profit, its people ruthlessly exploited.

Endless US wars of aggression rage. One country after another is systematically raped.

Fundamental freedoms are targeted for elimination. New World Order priorities matter most.

On May 9, in his weekly remarks, Obama discussed V-Day’s 70th anniversary.

His comments addressed America’s European war effort alone – creating the illusion that US forces defeated Nazi Germany almost singlehandedly.

No nation contributed more with greater sacrifice than Soviet Russia. Without its heroic efforts, Hitler might have won.

Obama ignored its contribution entirely. His “tribute to all who served” included only US “soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guard, (and) merchant marines (who) risked their lives, and gave their lives so that we, the people the world over, could live free.”

“This was the (US) generation that literally saved the world – that ended the war and laid the foundation for peace.”

He urged “rededicating ourselves to the freedoms for which they fought” – ones he’s systematically gone all-out to destroy at home and abroad.

“Let’s make sure that we keep striving to fulfill our founding ideals,” he said.

America was always run by its rich, well-born and privileged. It’s democracy is fake. It exists in name only. Ordinary people have no say whatever.

Elections when held are farcical – meaningless exercises in illusion. Half or more of the electorate opting out shows popular rejection of rule of, by and for monied interests only.

They run things. Duopoly power serves them. Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan. Popular needs and concerns are increasingly ignored. They’re disappearing in plain sight.

“Let’s stand united with our allies, in Europe and beyond, on behalf of our common values – freedom, security, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law around the world – and against bigotry and hatred in all their forms so that we give meaning to that pledge: ‘Never forget. Never again,’ ” Obama blustered.

Fact: Neocon lunatics run the Washington asylum.

Fact: State terrorism is official policy. So is carving up whole continents for profit.

Fact: America’s only enemies are ones it invents.

Fact: No nation in world history harmed more people over a longer duration than America.

Fact: None more duplicitously breach core democratic principles it claims to support.

Fact: None wage more endless wars of aggression against nations threatening no others.

Fact: None support more despotic regimes for its own self-interest.

Fact: None have greater imperial aims – destructive ones violating core international laws, norms and standards.

Fact: None more threaten world peace, security and stability.

Fact: None more leave humanity’s survival up for grabs.

Fact: Nothing matters more than stopping this monster before it kills everyone.

Putin is geopolitically opposite. He’s not revanchist. He has no territorial aims.

He doesn’t threaten his neighbors. He supports multi-world polarity. He deplores war. He champions peace.

He wants all conflicts resolved diplomatically. He justifiably opposes America’s hegemonic ambitions. He knows we must find a way to end wars or they’ll end us.

His forthright Saturday Moscow Red Square V-Day address contrasted markedly with Obama’s duplicity.

He “pa(id) tribute to all those (from dozens of countries) who fought” to defeat the scourge of fascism.

“Many European nations were enslaved and occupied,” he explained. “The Soviet Union bore the brunt of” Hitler’s aggression.

Its heroic efforts contributed most by far to his defeat. “Veterans of the Great Patriotic War…should know…we highly value their fortitude, courage and dedication to frontline brotherhood.”

Putin notably “pa(id) tribute to our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. We are grateful to the peoples of Great Britain, France and the United States of America for the contribution to the Victory,” he said.

He explained how “basic principles of international cooperation have come to be increasingly ignored.”

He stressed the importance of multi-world polarity. He warned about “strong-arm block thinking gaining momentum.”

He stressed the urgency of “creati(ng) a system of equal security for all states…Only then will we be able to ensure peace and tranquility on the planet.”

He welcomed around 30 foreign leaders, other dignitaries and numerous guests from abroad who participated in Saturday’s momentous commemoration.

Obama, US officials and rogue Western counterparts were noticeable by their absence.

China’s Xi Jinping stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Putin. Its military forces for the first time marched with their Russian counterparts in the ceremonial parade. Its ships joined Russia’s Black Sea Fleet offshore.

China’s participation highlights deepening Sino/Russian ties. Both leaders adopted a joint declaration on strengthening strategically important/mutually beneficial relations.

A separate joint declaration involves cooperating on Eurasian Economic Union and Silk Road Economic Belt development.

Important bilateral economic, financial, business and security agreement documents were signed.

Current, past, and certain future ones signify increasing Sino/Russian ties benefitting both nations enormously.

Together they’re a powerful political, economic and military alliance against destructive US hegemonic ambitions – a union for peace and stability v. America’s war machine.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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