Obama Plans Intervention Against Syria

Obama Plans Intervention Against Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Neocons infest his administration. They want Assad forcibly ousted. Manipulated to fail diplomacy may be pretext to do it.
Two rounds of Geneva talks deadlocked. Expect no change going forward. US strategy call for regime change. It’s comin the old-fashioned way. Toppling Assad violently is planned.
On February 17, the Syrian Free Press Network (SFPN) headlined “RED ALERT: American, Israeli and British intelligences services in Jordan, NOW, are planning an attack, with (so-called) ‘moderate’ Takfiris, to create a mini-state in south Syria.”
On Friday, so-called “interim government” defense minister Asaad Mustafa resigned. Allegedly it was over internal disputes.
As the same time, so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) head Salim Idris was fired. Abdel Alah al-Bashir replaced him.
Fars News said Idris fled to Turkey en route to Doha, Qatar in December. Syrian terrorists “took over his headquarters and warehouses of US-provided military gear.” They’re located along the Turkish/Syrian border.
US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman called for “mak(ing) Jordan and its borders with Syria a major gateway for US and Europe(an) advanced military equipment (for) Syria(‘s) armed opposition,” said SFPN.
Plans call for turning southern Syria into “a mini-state.” The idea is to launch operations against Damascus, SFPN added. 
On Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem addressed the issue. His government and army are ready for whatever is planned, he said.
Washington Post editors support war on Syria. They urge direct US intervention. They cite one discredited anti-Assad accusation after another.
They want regime change. They want force replacing diplomacy. They want Assad condemned for failing to comply with US demands.
They claim he’s dragging his feet on eliminating chemical weapons. According to Russia, things are moving ahead as planned.
Extreme caution must be taken. Key is keeping CWs out of insurgents’ hands.
WaPo’s drumbeat for US intervention continues. John Kerry promotes escalated conflict. He replicated Colin Powell’s infamous moment. He did so multiple times.
In September, he lied claiming Syria attacked Gouta with sarin gas. Clear evidence proved otherwise. Insurgents bore full responsibility.
On February 17, he lied claiming Assad stonewalled on peace talks, saying:
“Right now (he hasn’t) engaged in the discussions along the promised and required standard…”
False! Agreed on procedure is following Geneva I’s communique items. It’s doing it in order of importance. Stopping terrorism and violence matter most.
Assad’s delegates “refused to open up one moment of discussion” of transitional government, Kerry added.
False! They expressed willingness to discuss all Geneva I items. They want them addressed in order of importance. 
Resolving other issues depend on halting violence and terrorism. Doing so matters most. Helping Syrians depends on it. Assad delegates want their wishes addressed above all others.
They rightfully insist international law must be observed. Syrians alone will decide who’ll lead them. 
Outside interference won’t be tolerated. International law prohibits it. Kerry didn’t explain. Lies substituted for truth.
“It is very clear (Assad) is trying to win this on the battlefield instead of coming to the negotiating table in good faith,” said Kerry.
False! Assad wanted no conflict in the first place. He wants none now. He wants peaceful resolution. He’s going all-out to achieve it. 
He has no legitimate peace partner. Without one peace is impossible. Opposition delegates represent Washington. Obama wants war, not peace.
On February 17, WaPo headlined “Kerry says Russia undermines Syria talk.”
He bashed Russia and Iran. He accused them of undermining peace talks “by stepping up military support and aid” for Assad.
He ignored Washington’s involvement in recruiting, arming, training and directing death squad invaders. CIA and US special forces are involved.
Obama bears full responsibility for war on Syria. Kerry shares it. His job is promoting imperial lawlessness. 
It’s endorsing toppling one independent leader after another. It’s justifying mass slaughter and destruction.
It’s turning a blind eye to unspeakable human misery. Kerry benefits from ravaging and destroying countries. He’s a billionaire. 
He wants super wealth turned into more of it. He wants countries plundered to help do it. 
He represents the worst of America’s dark side. So do many other likeminded extremists infesting Washington.
Assad is repeatedly blamed for US-supported insurgent crimes. Kerry condemned his “barbaric assault” on civilians.
He’s going all-out to protect them. He’s battling US-enlisted jihadist death squads. 
Whenever Syrian soldiers liberate enemy-controlled areas, they’re welcomed for doing so. They cheered when they arrive.
On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov cited statistics blaming terrorists for crimes blamed on Assad. 
They’re fueling crisis. Washington turns a blind eye. Lavrov addressed US officials pressuring Damascus, saying:
“(I)f political pressure is what they mean, then we’ve been telling (them) to work directly with the Syrian authorities.”
“That’s what I’ve been telling (Kerry) every time he has pushed for (new) sanctions…that he must act reasonably.”
Russia has new information, Lavrov explained. “Certain sponsors of the opposition are starting to create a new structure (separate) from the National Coalition,” he said.
Then want the SNC replaced. “In other words, they are taking a course towards secession from the negotiating track and once again putting a stake on the military scenario and powerful support from abroad.”
Lavrov stopped short of blaming Washington. It bears repeating what earlier articles explained. Syria is Obama’s war. He deplores peace.
He wants a pretext for direct US intervention. He wants Assad forcibly toppled. He wants subservient pro-Western governance replacing him.
He want sole authority to decide Syria’s future. He wants Syrians having no say. Hegemons operate this way. America is by far the worst.
On February 16, a Kerry press statement addressed the Syrian conflict separately. Doublespeak duplicity defined it.
According to Kerry, “the suffering of the Syrian people” continues. He ignored Washington’s full responsibility.
He wrongfully blamed Assad’s “obstruction.” He said they make tough talks tougher.
He ludicrously praised SNC delegates. They “demonstrate a courageous and mature seriousness of purpose and willingness to discuss all aspects of the conflict,” he claimed.
Fact check
SNC delegates obstructed talks. They demand regime change. Syrian delegates agreed on discussion topics. They want all Geneva I communique items addressed.
SNC stooges objected. They want transitional governance agreed on. Assad must go, they demand. They’re mindless of what Syrians want. So is Kerry.
He wants Washington deciding Syria’s future. He wants continued mass slaughter and destruction. 
He wants Syria’s conflict resolved belligerently. He wants obstructed peace talks wrongfully blamed on Assad as pretext to do it.
He repeats one Big Lie after another. He does it to justify Washington’s imperial agenda. He wants unchallenged US dominance. 
He wants the world made safe for corporate plunderers. He wants what Syrians reject. He wants what ordinary people everywhere deplore.
Direct US intervention looms. Obama seeking new policy options suggests it. Expect Washington’s proxy war escalating to full-scale conflict.
Expect Syria entirely ravaged and destroyed. Expect it replicating Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Expect it turned into a dystopian wasteland. Expect Obama claiming another imperial trophy.
How much more Syrian suffering is too much? How much longer will Washington get away with mass murder? When will aggressive wars no longer be called liberating ones?
When will devastating slaughter and destruction stop? When will enough be enough? When will might no longer justify right? When will monied interests no longer decide things?
When will America be held to account for generations of crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.? When will the world’s greatest ever evil force be stopped?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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