Obama Admin Controls Twitter Now? Suspends Account Critical Of Obamacare (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the Lou Dobbs video report shown below, he says Twitter has once again suspended an account that is critical of Obamacare. The account encourages followers and anyone that has received a cancellation letter from their insurance carrier to send a picture of themselves with the letter in, so the country can see the real people Obama lied to when he said people can keep their health insurance if they liked it.

A promise he made dozens of times and recent news reports have busted him as lying outright because he knew people could not keep their health insurance as millions are finding out now.

The Twitter account is @MyCancellation and it is back up and running again, but the repeated suspensions are indicative of a problem, as Dobbs points out, that was reported about Facebook doing the same not long ago.

Does the obama administration now control Twitter and Facebook or are the obama trolls out in full force falsely reporting sites as spam to prevent them from highlighting Obama’s lies and the damage Obamacareis causing across the country?

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