Notes on Meditation

By Richard C. Cook

The Creator is involved in a tremendous work in the formation and sustenance of the universe. The creation works by means of a vast emanation outward from the center into increasing densities of vibration. Sparks of divine consciousness–particles of the Creator–travel along this outward path for a definite purpose–to become co-creators with the Father/Mother of all.

These sparks–including us humans on planet earth–engage in the lower densities through experience, then return intentionally on an upward path back to our source. The experience we take back with us acts as a kind of food which nourishes the whole.

The path back can only be done through exercise of choice. The specific technology for the return is based on spiritual practice through meditation. Meditation can obviously take many forms, but it all involves bathing our sense of ourselves in the higher vibration that comes down from the Divine. This vibration has many names but has been called the Holy Spirit in the Western tradition. It is part of the feminine aspect of the Divine, so may also be viewed as the Mother power, just as the Creator may be seen as the Heavenly Father.

As we bathe frequently in the transformative fire of Spirit, the impurities that we obtained from our sojourn in matter are burnt away. Earth is a particularly difficult place within which to perform this work because of the extreme density of the earthly environment, plus the conscious opposition of a negative force sometimes called Satan.

Through spiritual practice the veil that separates us from knowledge of the Divine is penetrated. This work is done most effectively under the guidance of those who have already experienced Self- and God-Realization and within a community of a like-minded people. But the practice must be done every day with sufficient time set aside to separate oneself in consciousness from the delusions of the sensory world. This separation in consciousness leading to unconditional love of all is the first step toward liberation by which we bring to the Creator the fruits of our engagement with the life we were given to know and transcend.

© 2013 by Richard C. Cook