No World Solidarity for Palestinian Victims of Israeli State Terrorism

Israel promotes apologists for the kind of violence that leveled Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood as “experts,” including one advocating rape. (Ali Jadallah / APA images)

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – For decades they’ve suffered in silence. The world community turns a blind eye and deaf ear to their misery, victims of Israeli viciousness, now in plain sight to see, ignoring what demands accountability, an end to Israel’s free pass to commit high crimes with impunity.
Parisians mourn their losses. Victims of last Friday’s terror attacks aroused world sympathy. Children pay tribute with parents. French flags are held. Peace and solidarity symbols abound. Candles are lit for the dead.
Vigils are held. Flags fly at half staff. Flowers are laid near French embassies worldwide. Signs read: “We are all Parisians.” “Prayers for Paris.”
Why is grief selective? Why are some crime victims more worthy than others? Why does the world community ignore longstanding Palestinian suffering at the hands of a ruthless occupier?
Who mourns for their extrajudicially executed dead? For thousands injured by live fire, potentially lethal rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades, toxic tear gas, chemical, biological and radiological terror weapons, as well as Israeli rifle butts and batons.
Who mourns for families of Palestinian victims – murdered, seriously injured or locked unjustly in Israeli gulag hell, facing torture and other horrific abuse! Who cares about the suffering of defenseless men, women, children, the elderly and infirm?
Why does Israel stay unaccountable for murdering many thousands of Palestinians over the last seven decades, for collectively punishing an entire population, stealing its land, bulldozing homes, expelling property owners from their land,  brutalizing people for not being Jewish, denying them virtually all fundamental rights everyone deserves?
Why does the world community not support the international law guaranteed right of Palestinians to resist a brutal occupier? Has the ruthless, premeditated Israeli-inflicted carnage of summer 2014 on Gaza been forgotten?
What about daily extrajudicial assassinations committed now? Why is it always open season on murdering Palestinians with impunity?
Parisian victims deserve world sympathy. So do millions of others terrorized by America’s rage to dominate – as well as long-suffering Palestinians, brutalized by Israeli ruthlessness, denied support for justice they deserve.
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