No Meatless Mondays in This Revolution

Petersen’s Hunting has published an interesting piece on meat as a staple of a hunter-gatherer, heart-healthy, culinary-loving society: “The Meat Eater Revolution.” The gist of the article is that hunting is on the rise after years of participation decline.

As the world has evolved and consumption of food has become less about the why and more about the how fast, droves of previously disinterested Americans are suddenly willing to consider killing, cutting, and cooking their own meat. This isn’t your granddaddy’s old redneck stereotype. We’re talking about a new breed.

Hunting for meat is becoming a passion whereby individuals are mounting a backlash against the industrial food system and celebrating traditional culinary standards. Even the paleo food movement is given credit for the revival of the hunting tradition. Thanks to Cory Voller for the article tip.