Nine US Warships Threaten Yemen

Nine US Warships Threaten Yemen
by Stephen Lendman
Obama is escalating his war on Yemen. He bears full responsibility for genocidal slaughter – mostly affecting civilian men, women and children.
He’s waging premeditated naked aggression using Saudis and other regional rogue states as proxy partners against a nonthreatening nation.
US orchestrated hostilities violate core international law. No nation may attack another without Security Council approval. None exists.
Nine US warships were sent to Yemeni waters. The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and escort cruiser USS Normandy joined seven others.
They threaten the entire region with conventional and nuclear armed missiles.
Reports indicate their mission involves intercepting Iranian ships allegedly carrying weapons for Yemeni Houthis.
Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren lied denying willful US anti-Iranian saber rattling – including from the White House.
Press secretary Josh Earnest claimed “(w)e have seen evidence that the Iranians are supplying weapons and other forms of support to the Houthis in Yemen.”
“That’s the kind of support that will only contribute to greater violence in that country…that’s already been racked by too much violence.”
Fact: Neither Earnest or other US officials offer any credible evidence showing Iran supplying Houthis with weapons or other military aid.
Fact: Plenty of evidence shows Washington sending arms and munitions to Saudis and regional Gulf partners – besides choosing targets to terror-bomb and other military-related assistance.
Fact: Anti-Iranian saber rattling provides more evidence showing Obama has no intention of normalizing relations. 
Expect continuing nuclear talks to produce no equitable resolution for Iran. Washington wants unconditional surrender. Claims otherwise are false.
Confrontation with Iran may be one major false flag away. Neocons infesting Washington, Israel and its Lobby may get the war they want.
America’s Gulf of Aden naval presence is part of Obama’s war on Yemen. A US Navy statement claiming it’s to “ensure the vital shipping lanes in the region remain open and safe” is phony.
Nothing threatens them except Obama’s wars and America’s regional presence.
An unnamed administration official said US warships in Yemeni waters give Washington the option to escalate things further at its discretion.
Other vessels involved include two destroyers, two mine-sweepers, and three amphibious ships carrying 2,200 combat-ready marines – besides other regional US warships.
America’s Fifth Fleet is headquartered in Bahrain. It’s responsible for its naval presence in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, parts of the Indian Ocean and connecting waterways.
An unnamed administration official said US warplanes will patrol Yemeni airspace – whether to participate in terror-bombing wasn’t explained.
US warships already shelled Yemeni targets several times. Washington is getting more directly involved in its proxy war.
Overnight terror-bombing continued into its 27th day. Blasts rocked Sanaa, Yemen’s capital. Dozens of civilians were killed, hundreds wounded – many with limbs blown off.
One resident said “(i)t was like the doors of hell opened all of a sudden.” He felt his “house lift up and fall.”
One bomb struck near Iran’s embassy – perhaps sending a message saying the next one won’t miss. Tehran sharply rebuked Riyadh for the incident.
After nearly a month of US-orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing, “things are worsening,” said UN spokesman Adrian Edwards.
“Basic services are on the verge of collapse.” It bears repeating. Obama bears full responsibility.
He’s waged multiple genocidal regional wars throughout his entire tenure. One country after another was ravaged and destroyed.
Endless wars continue. New ones are planned – to eliminate all remaining sovereign independent states. 
To give America dominion over planet earth – its resources, markets and populations. 
Genocidal slaughter is considered a small price to pay. Rogue states operate this way. None match US ruthlessness.
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