New World Order Wants Yet Another War In Syria



Stop the carnage – Time to stop fighting Islamic countries and start trading with them!!


New World Order Wants Yet Another War In Syria

Don’t you find it so hypocritical when the US, UK, EU and the New World Order Puppet (United Nations) start “Saber Rattling” and concocting stories of pure fantasy in order to justify going to war in order to force a regime change?

Don’t you find it so hypocritical when they close their eyes to other worldly events where democracy has failed, ignoring the heavy loss of life and the manipulation by that countries dictator?

Let’s focus on just a couple of examples that normally would have them all up in arms and fighting for their so called democratic bullshit:

I am sure we all remember Iraq and how the New World Order eventually brought democracy in that country (or so they say) and pulled out their armies after nuking the entire country, destroying its ancient seed bank and raping it of its oil.

What they did not tell you is the fact that when they pulled out their troops they replaced them with a much larger (well armed) private army in the form of Academi (previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) and other private companies such as the British company called Aegis Security etc………this left somewhere in the region of 100,000 private security armies in Iraq and around 70,000 currently in Afghanistan which may increase after the west pulls back its troops.

What you then get is a sort of non government controlled army that in some cases are better equipped than the standard military and who frequently operating outside the lines of the so called “Rules of Engagement” or the “Geneva Convention”……as we all observed with Blackwater in Iraq who carried out some rather horrific attacks that they were later prosecuted for…….as with any such company, when you get a bad name simply change the name of your company and continue doing what you do best…….killing people and carrying out assassinations etc!!

It is such companies as Academi (Blackwater) who now basically spread fear into the hearts of local citizens and when you add to this group of thugs government special forces and intelligence agencies one can see how easy it is to continue to spread havoc around the country by setting off the odd bomb or two here and there and at the same time create divisions between different Islamic groups i.e. Sunni and Shia……this is a classic approach in dividing a country by blaming an attack on some other group.

What I find offensive are the names they select for these private armies……….take their latest effort – Academi and look at their students and their pupils desks and one can clearly see that the Academi bears no relationship with Acadamia as we know it:

home_excellence-c2c40cb6e7bb09418e7a58517ffb42b8A student dropping in for his studies


The students desk!!


Their other alternative public transport to and from the academy!!


Academic Teamwork Training!!


Star pupil!!

Academi 1

Practical outdoor activity events!!

academiheloStudents in their final year!!


Another security companies passing out parade !!


Then we have Aegis (British) who to some extent are better trained in the disciplinary sense but still have the ability to carry out atrocious acts as and when required…..their academy is somewhat different as they also have within their company a charity or Non Government Organisation (NGO) that gives them a sort of false facade. Take a look at some of their students:


Protecting their Principal no doubt?

Aegis 1

The class of God knows what!!

98Merc5- 70,000 guards in Afghanistan

Could this be one of their highest achievers?


Some past star pupils of another private army!!

This clearly shows just how much effort the New World Order puts into democracy when it forces a regime change and continues to occupy the country it invades…… you think that their governments are too concerned about how many people die after they appear to hand these countries back to their sovereign owners……take Iraq for example…….over 10,000 dead since the military did their draw down!!


Did you ever wonder why the New World Order is so selective as to which country it selects to bring democracy?


US Navy 5th Fleet based in Bahrain

Protests-BahrainMass protest in Bahrain



Bahrain’s Royal Families response to democracy when they asked their puppet neighbours (Saudi) to send in their troops!!

The Zionist controlled media always start off showing mass unrest in any given country ie Egypt, Libya and currently Syria but do not denounce the ongoing violence in Bahrain……why?….because they are puppets to the NWO and this location also happens to house the US Navy 5th Fleet!!!


The people of Turkey want their leader out

Turkey Protest

They want the leader of Turkey out but the west want him to remain in office – “Now that’s true democracy don’t you think” ?

The same media shows you the mass unrest in Turkey but do not denounce the leader of the country….why?……because they are puppets to the west and partner in their New World Order Army known as NATO…….so much for a ballancde approach to democracy!

We see other riots in London, Greece, Spain and Italy etc but again they turn their backs because they created the problem in the first place!!


Let’s now focus yet again on the continued harassment of Syria by the same “Warlords” – US, UK, France, Germany and other NATO countries and see how they are playing the same old “False Flag Tricks” to overturn yet another regime by falsely accusing the Assad regime of using Chemical/Bi-logical Warfare etc.

It is easy to read the body language between two totally different leaders both of whom seek their own parts of the world and who wish to find their own “Geo Political and Commercial Concerns” etc..


If looks could kill

Some media reports are again showing a little “Sabre Rattling” that could well lead to a major conflict, especially when two major powers are seeking the same international market/trade.

Putin faces isolation over Syria as G8 ratchets up pressure

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin faced further isolation on the second day of a G8 summit on Tuesday as world leaders lined up to pressure him into toning down his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Following an icy encounter between the Kremlin chief and U.S. President Barack Obama late on Monday, the G8 leaders will seek to find resolution to a war that has prompted powers across the Middle East to square off on sectarian lines.


The Israeli President is certainly well past his use by date!!

U.S. right to arm Syrian rebels, says Israeli president

Israeli President Shimon Peres has thrown his weight behind U.S. plans to arm Syrian rebels, shrugging off fears the weapons could be turned on Israel and exacerbate the conflict.

Russia vows to prevent Syria no-fly zone; U.S.

Issue not on table at NATO

Western leaders criticize Russia for supporting, arming Assad ahead of Putin-Obama meeting on sidelines of G-8 meeting in Northern Ireland.

Cameron pushes for action to curb Bashar al-Assad

The Prime Minister will use this week’s G8 summit to convince world leaders to step up action. David Cameron will support US plans to impose a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, as he attempts to convince world leaders to act against the “dictatorial and brutal leader” President Bashar al-Assad during the G8 summit in Northern Ireland this week.


I guess it would be a good time to look into the above articles in more detail:

What was that?…….. the western leaders critised Russia for supporting and arming Assad………..I believe the west is doing exactly the same with the undisciplined rebel army is Syria and it is that army that has used chemical and biological weapons on their own people and blamed it on government forces.

It is the west that has supplied financial and military aid to Israel, including Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) which have since been used on Syria when the Israeli Air Force nuked that country during the last air strike………I am sure you would all agree this two faced foreign policy is in itself extremely aggressive and against the Geneva Convention.

Now we have the west promoting a No Fly Zone near the border with Jordon which in itself is an act of war and serves no other purpose than to allow the west to gain air superiority and at the same time feed militia and arms across that border into the rest of Syria to gain a bridgehead in the same way they used Benghazi in Libya as a stepping stone for that rebel army!!


The latest updates show no decision coming from the G8 meeting and continues on in a total stalemate and yet the US is still pushing for airstrikes without the support of anyone else other than the same cabal they have been dealing with for years, namely UK, France, Germany and other NATO countries………..this is what Kerry has to say:

John Kerry called for ‘immediate’ airstrikes on Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called for “immediate” airstrikes on Syria following the White House’s claim that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against foreign-backed militant groups.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama approved military aid for militant groups in Syria.

The decision came after the U.S. intelligence community concluded that the Syrian government had crossed Washington’s “red line” by using chemical weapons against the militants. Damascus has strongly rejected the accusations.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is preparing to deliver the arms through clandestine bases in Turkey and Jordan, both neighbors of Syria.

Meanwhile, U.S. military officials have been sent to Jordan to develop a range of options including the possibility of imposing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria.

Members of Congress pressed the Obama administration on Sunday to give the green light to the plan.


One can clearly see that the New World Order is a law unto itself and is thus seeking a war no matter what the consequences………..the very fact that the Syrian Government Forces did not use chemicals but the rebel army did is certainly worthy of debate.

Have we all forgotten the fact that Israel crossed the “US RED LINE” when they used nuclear weapons/WMD’s in their last airstrike in Syria?


It is no wonder that the Zionist controlled Congress is looking for the green light to attack Syria and why not when one considers they are funded by the Zionists and pledge their allegiance to Israel rather than their own country!!!

Templar 1

Blair 4

I found today’s news even more alarming with these comments:

The Express – 20th June 2013

We stay out of Syria at our own peril, says Tony Blair

TONY BLAIR called last night for Western intervention in the civil war in Syria, warning that countries that stay out could end up paying “a higher price”.

Then we have the US puppet government in Iraq showing concern that the conflict in Syria could spill over into Iraq and Lebanon saying the same thing with Egypt condemning the Assad regime…………….maybe the world has not yet read between the lines that there is also another religious war going on between the Sunni and Shia and it is this aspect that the west are manipulating to the maximum.

One should use extreme caution when listening to Tony Blair who started all these war’s off in the first place….it is clearly time for this warmonger to get off his “Soap Box” and go into hiding before the International Court put him aware for war crimes.

Are all the nations calling for action “Brain Dead” ? – Do they fully understand the consequences off starting up any further action in the Middle East and what it could all lead too?

Do they fully understand that behind all these threats lies the Zionist controlled New World Order and Israel who have always wanted to split up the Arab World and neutralise all the countries that sit on their border………..believe me should we enter into yet another war it will set the Middle East on Fire!!!


WMD’s have/are currently being used in all areas of conflict with small tactical nuclear weapons also being used..

We should take note that before venturing into yet another war, all the countries both within and bordering the Middle East should not promote any further conflict without fully understanding the implications on their own countries


The western friendly Islamic countries could (in promoting such a war) actually kill their own citizens in mass by pushing such a war and at the same time destroy their very own DNA in the same way the US/UK did in Fallujah, Iraq


Shock and Awe Baghdad

Make no bones about it any air strike or the creation of a No Fly Zone within Syria is an act of war and any such action could escalate into possibly WW3 with nuclear weapons being used by the west and Israel…….this aspect alone would contaminate the entire Middle East including their own allies ie Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Egypt etc……….this would be one of the most catastrophic events ever and it makes one think how could imbeciles like Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Hague and other EU members attempt such an action with Russia and China clearly against them?

O and C

“War with Syria – You Bet – Give me a high five”

K and H

The other two Arse-holes!!


Today’s propaganda headlines read as follows:

World powers supporting Syria’s rebels have decided to provide them with urgent military aid so they can counter “brutal attacks” by the regime and “protect the Syrian people.”


These are the undisciplined rebels they intend to arm!!

The latest round of western friendly Arab nations held their meeting this week and offered their solid support for the Syrian Rebel Army….needless to say the two leading buffoons (Kerry and Hague) were present at the meeting and offered their continued support in arming the rebels. Kerry said : “Syrian people should determine the future of their country”……….well Mr. Kerry the same applies for the people of Bahrain and Turkey who continue to hold mass meetings in protest of their leaders but you do nothing about that because those leaders are your puppets!

World powers to provide ‘urgent aid’ to Syria rebels

Also attending were representatives from Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States……..the same “Bullshit Brigade who wrote off Libya”

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said: “We have been talking about how we can help the opposition, how we can help save lives.


Israeli Airforce dropped WMD on Damascus

New Thermo Nuclear Weapon used in Libya

The French Air Force dropped a WMD or two on Libya

Well Mr. Hague how come you and Kerry supported the Israeli Air Force air strikes on Syria when nuclear based weapons were used that has the potential to kill many thousands of Syrian’s over the next decade by causing mutations to their DNA…… you really believe these moron’s?

uncle-sam-next-stepsAmerica’s interpretation of democracy


Israel’s interpretation of democracy “Divide and Conquer”

Netanyahu phone

Uncle Netty( the devil incarnate) he certainly doesn’t give a shit!!


The Solution to the world’s problems

key eraser

The key to stopping all wars – conflicts – false flags is to erase the instigators



Remove the Australian Jewish Media King and start showing the world the truth!!

WilliamHagueArmsTerrorsitsRemove “War Monger Hague” from office


Remove Kerry from politics


Remove Obama (the Grim Reaper) and shut down his drone network

Come on world….wake up!!!! we must never allow these morons to plunge us into yet another major war……enough is enough


The Talons of US – UK – France – Germany – NATO

Peter Eyre — Broadcaster — Investigative Journalist — Middle East Consultant — Political Analysis —23/6/2013