Netanyahu: Hate-Mongering Racist, Mass Murderer, Serial Liar

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – Netanyahu heads Israel’s most extremist government in history. He deplores peace and stability.

Permanent war on Palestine is official policy. So is treating Arabs the way Hitler treated Jews.

Nothing Netanyahu says is credible. He agrees to one thing. He does another. How anyone stands him, they’ll have to explain. Some past and present Israeli officials don’t trust him.

A May 22 Haaretz editorial blasted him headlined “World not willing to buy Netanyahu’s deceit anymore,” saying:

He’s “steering Israel onto a destructive collision course with its most important allies.”

Last week, he lied telling EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini he “support(s) the vision of two states for two peoples – a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.”

On the one hand, he calls peace talks a waste of time. He supports permanent conflict – including ruthless persecution and premeditated naked aggression at his discretion.

On the other, he openly renounced a two-state solution while campaigning. According to Haaretz editors:

“(H)ow can anyone still believe the prime minister?” His word isn’t his bond. Nothing he says is believable.

“(I)t appears that both Mogherini and Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Borge Brende, are no longer impressed by what Netanyahu says.”

Brende said pressure on Israeli will increase after the nuclear agreement with Iran is signed – provided Washington doesn’t surrender to Israeli Lobby pressure to kill it by making unreasonable demands.

He advised him to accept at least one condition Abbas set to resume so-called peace talks – a hoax by any standard.

What Abbas rhetorically wants and will accept are two different things. He claims to want settlement construction halted, Palestinians imprisoned before Oslo released, continuous negotiations and occupation ended by December 2017.

What he’ll accept is another matter entirely. He’s a longtime Israeli collaborator. He’s like Netanyahu. He says one thing. He does another for special benefits received.

Whatever Netanyahu may or may not agree to, his hardline policy remains firm. Chances for peace and recognizing Palestinian statehood are zero.

“Netanyahu can comfortably lean back on the extremist right-wing wall surrounding the cabinet table,” said Haaretz editors.

He can say anything – including what everyone wants to hear. The problem is no one believes him.

His agenda is too pure evil to conceal. His over-the-top coalition reviles peace and Palestinian statehood.

It’s “turning Israel into a heavy liability to its friends in the United States and Europe,” said Haaretz editors.

“Their patience is running out and their ability to protect Israel’s positions from boycotts and difficult Security Council resolutions and to block requests to the International Court of Justice is evaporating.”

“The prime minister cannot ignore the important advice he received from the Norwegian foreign minister, which reflects a European consensus.”

“Rejecting it will place Israel on a destructive course of collision with Europe and endanger its people’s future.”

Is Israel really in danger of losing its most valued allies? Its entire history reflects institutionalized racism, persecuting Palestinians for not being Jewish, wars at its discretion, and consistent violation of international laws, norms and standards while the world community yawns and does nothing.

Perhaps the only thing able to defeat Yetanyahu is himself. His over-the-top extremism and unbending nature may end up his undoing. Maybe compromising Israeli relations with some of its close allies at the same time.

Who can know. Israel has gotten away with the most outlandish practices since 1948 – including slow-motion genocide affecting millions of Palestinians.

Accountability didn’t follow last summer’s genocidal war – or multiple instances of ruthless daily persecution of Arabs for not being Jewish.

Maybe Israel is untouchable or maybe not. Let’s hope Haaretz editors are right saying world leaders increasingly are unwilling to buy Netanyahu’s deceitfulness anymore.

Renouncing its rogue regime and lawless officials in it is what’s needed to change things.

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