Neocon Think Tank Proposes US Proxy Army to Control Syria

Neocon Think Tank Proposes US Proxy Army to Control Syria
by Stephen Lendman
The Atlantic Council is a hawkish right-wing think tank. Its directors include a rogue’s gallery of high-level US war criminals.
It’s notion of “working together to secure the future” is waging endless preemptive wars of aggression. 
Its Distinguished International Leadership Awards go to former US and other Western government and military officials for raping and plundering one country after another.
It was founded in 1961 to support NATO’s killing machine. It’s one of many similar groups in America threatening world peace and stability.
Its solution for ending Obama’s war on Syria is escalated war. It proposes what it calls a Syrian National Stabilization Force (SNSF) – code language for US-controlled conquering and occupying army.
It believes the way for sustainable peace in Syria is through overwhelming military might – featuring “a robust, (US proxy) three-division stabilization force of 50,000 Syrians” established to do Washington’s killing and dying.
It wants a Syrian Advisory Task Force (SATF) composed of pro-Western nationals willing to serve US interests.
It says “there is no political solution to the Syrian conflict unless there is a military component” waging no-holds-barred war. 
Its Syrian solution applies to all US direct and proxy war theaters.
Washington and Western allies must lead the way, it urges – so America can gain another subservient client state while eliminating an Israeli rival at the same time.
It advocates US-led “cooperation, engagement, and a clear coherent discourse between Western, regional, and Syrian military and political actors – and the message of commitment projected by putting the train-and-equip program on steroids – can create new dynamics on the ground, build popular appeal to the SNSF’s mission and goal, and set the stage for peace in Syria” by continuing to rape the country en route to plundering it and exploiting its people.
It wants President Bashar al-Assad overthrown. It wants Syrians having no say over who’ll lead them. 
It wants Washington alone deciding. It wants US-controlled stooge governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence.
Neocons think one way. They want unlimited wealth, power and privilege. They want unchallenged global dominance. 
They want control over world resources and markets. They want populations exploited for profit.
They deplore peace. The support endless wars. They believe millions of corpses are a small price to pay for remaking the world in their own image.
They and likeminded lunatics in Washington risk the unthinkable – possible life-ending nuclear war.
A Final Comment
The New York Times says US arms sales fuel Middle East wars. Saudis and other regional belligerents use American weapons and munitions.
They “stockpiled American military hardware…” They’re now using it and want more.
In 2014, Saudi Arabia spent over $80 billion for weapons and munitions. It’s the world’s fourth largest defense market.
Other regional countries are spending billions of dollars for all sorts of advanced weapons.
The Middle East is awash with implements of death. The Times omits what’s most important to explain.
It says nothing about US/Israeli responsibility for all regional conflicts – using local allies to wage proxy wars along with takfiri-recruited death squads.
The road to Middle East peace and stability is eliminating America’s presence. It’s holding Israel accountable for endless high crimes against Palestinians. 
It’s valuing human life more than destroying it. It’s waging peace, not war. Don’t expect The Times to explain.
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