(Neo-Victorian?) Fools For Big Pharma

I don’t know who this loon is, but in spite of his lack of a wide platform, it is worth posting this piece here because, once again, it shows how intellectually feeble the vaccination nation drum beaters are as they continue to hate on and verbally bully individuals who make their own choices about what to put (or not put) into their own bodies. Even the article title is dumb-ass: “When It Comes to Vaccines, Michigan is Jenny McCarthy Stupid.”

The aggression – always – is on the part of the agents of coercion who will pull any and all statistics out of their behinds in order to make the case for aggression in order to force mass subservience to the notion of what is “best” for the collective masses based on their own personal perceptions of the science fiction spread by the beneficiaries of propaganda. Alas, all those who deny the conventional wisdom in terms of vaccination fundamentalism must therefore be right-wing and/or left-wing “nuts.” The writer, Mr. Wattrick, reels off this statement this absurd statement about the absurdity of personal choice:

Let’s hope Michigan becomes one of those states that drops the absurd “personal beliefs” exemption to vaccine rules before we become a neo-Victorian hot bed of childhood deaths from easily preventable diseases.

Only a neo-totalitarian asshat could advocate force against the bodies of other peaceful people while so shoddily applying a word such as neo-Victorian. He is using the term to denote anti-progressive, anti-science beliefs, or a Luddite mentality, when in fact neo-Victorian means no such thing. Neo-Victorian refers to conservative values and morals, and the appreciation of aesthetics in terms of everyday living – it is not an ideology opposing the progression of mankind by way of science.