“Nazi Safaris in Ukraine: Militiaman Fighting Against Government Forces Speaks Out — ‘Some Are Willing to Pay to Hunt Insurgents’”

The Wolfsangel symbol of Adolf Hitler’s SS on a banner in Ukraine.

via: http://www.globalresearch.ca/nazi-safaris-in-ukraine-militiaman-fighting-against-government-forces-speaks-out-some-are-willing-to-pay-to-hunt-insurgents/5396524

“Nazi Safaris in Ukraine: Militiaman Fighting Against Government Forces Speaks Out — ‘Some Are Willing to Pay to Hunt Insurgents’”

Highlights from an interview with an insurgent in southeastern Ukraine.

Posted by Eric Zuesse. Written by Ilja Degtjarov. Original at Global Research, August 19, 2014

“We have here the city of Molodogwardejsk. Although there are no rebels at all, this town has been destroyed from a safe distance with howitzers. For them it is simply to destroy cities and leave a desert.”

“Ukraine executes commands from the West, it has no will of its own. Ukraine is eliminating people who are in the way for the coal and gas production of the Americans. They do not need our people here and destroy them therefore, area-wide. It is not a question of eliminating some of us, it is about to annihilate us comprehensively, using Grad [rocket] launchers, mines, surface-to-surface systems [ballistic missiles].”

“They torture, they kill people, break arms, cut off fingers, chop off heads and see how long you can still walk without a head. Everything you can imagine as horrible at all, they already do.”

“People in the vicinity of Kramatorsk were massacred, their organs have been retrieved; then their bodies were buried with tractors and compacted on top with armored cars. So they are hiding the evidence of their crimes. This also applies to Krasnodon.”

Complete interview-transcript, and video of the complete interview: http://www.globalresearch.ca/nazi-safaris-in-ukraine-militiaman-fighting-against-government-forces-speaks-out-some-are-willing-to-pay-to-hunt-insurgents/5396524

Eric Zuesse notes: The United States installed in February the government that is doing this. The complete transcript of the key phone-conversation there is posted here. I recently reported that, “Our Side’s Using Illegal White Phosphorous Firebombs Against the Residents of Donetsk Ukraine.” Barack Obama is serious about wanting to get rid of the people in southeastern Ukraine. U.S. taxpayers are funding this. What Obama campaigned on doing, and what he is actually doing, are as different as night and day. But he gets away with it. Republicans don’t impeach him, because he’s carrying out fascist, that’s to say Republican, policies. Democrats don’t impeach him, because they don’t even care whether he’s just a Republican-in-disguise. So long as Obama continues with his liberal-sounding rhetoric, the label “Democrat” alone is enough to satisfy them.