Mark Levin Rips MSNBC ‘Hateful, Vile, Character Assassinating Outlet’ (Video)

Mark Levin rips MSNBC a new one, so to speak, calling them a “hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet,” after the controversial and disgusting remarks by Martin Bashir who suggested that men should “take a crap” in Sarah Palin’s mouth while “urinating in her eyes“.

Levin also expresses amazement more in the MSM did not speak up and speak out against such revolting remarks.

Via TheBlaze:

“Well, time will tell, and that is a remarkable statement,” Levin began, after airing Bashir’s apology in full.

“And I hope his colleagues over there at MSLSD are listening. You listening Chrissy Matthews? How about you Scarborough? You’re a real piece of work. Lawrence O’Donnell, how about you pal? You listening? Ed Schultz – talk about a low-life, there he is. And of course [Al] Sharpton. I guarantee you he’s not listening.”

Levin also hit MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who he says “dresses up her vitriol in pseudo-intellectualism.”

“That MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen, is a hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet. That’s what it is. That’s what they do,” he added. “And it should tell you plenty that the personnel, many of them from MSNBC, cross-pollinate as we like to say, with NBC News.”

Listen to the entire Levin segment below: