Manufacturing Nonexistent Putin War on Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – America, rogue EU partners and their go-along scoundrel media propaganda machine can’t stop beating a dead horse. Big Lies persist ad nauseam.

The whole world knows Russia didn’t invade Ukraine. It’s not waging war against any nation. It’s not supplying Donbass freedom fighters with weapons or other military support.

It’s the continent’s leading proponent of peace and stability. It shames America’s rage for endless wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Throughout months of conflict in Ukraine, Russia more than any other nation has gone all-out to resolve it diplomatically. No one more deserves Nobel Peace Prize recognition than Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov.

War criminals like Obama win most often. Peace champions are systematically shunned.

The Atlantic Council is a hawkish right-wing think tank. Its directors include a rogue’s gallery of high-level US war criminals.

They support endless imperial wars of aggression. They believe war is peace. They back policies threatening humanity’s survival.

They published two reports on Putin featuring a litany of Big Lies. They’re based on irresponsible social media anti-Russian propaganda and other sources lacking credibility.

One allegedly is from opposition figure Boris Nemtzov – shot dead on February 27, published posthumously, titled “Putin. War.”

The other is titled “Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine.”

AC’s pre-publication propaganda promotion begins with a Big Lie saying “Russia is at war with Ukraine.” It blames Putin for US-orchestrated/Kiev aggression causing mass slaughter and destruction.

It ludicrously claims “evidence that the Kremlin is directing the war is overwhelming.” No such evidence exists.

The Hiding in Plain Sight report ignores the US-orchestrated February 2014 coup elevating fascist putschists to power.

Nor did it say anything about its rogue regime systematically destroying Ukrainian democracy while waging naked aggression on its own people.

It irresponsibly blamed Russia for Kiev’s crimes. It ludicrously claimed “little green men (in) unmarked Russian military uniforms…appeared in the guise of local separatists.”

Western sanctions “have not deterred Russia from continuing to supply troops and weapons to eastern Ukraine.” It provided no credible evidence supporting their phony claims. A litany of Big Lies substituted.

It supports Obama’s anti-Russian agenda. It blames Moscow and Donbass freedom fighters for US/Kiev’s crimes – including systematically breaching ceasefire terms straightaway after two 2014 agreements and the most recent February 2015 one.

It claims “overwhelming proof” of Russian involvement in Donbass but fails to reveal it. None exists.

The whole world knows Washington and Kiev putschists are responsible for war on Donbass and overall Ukrainian crisis conditions. Russia continues going all-out to resolve conflict diplomatically Claims otherwise are Big Lies.

Both Atlantic Council reports read like bad fiction. “Putin. War” allegedly is based on Boris Nemtsov’s material – or perhaps someone using his name to proliferate anti-Russian propaganda.

It repeats the same old Big Lies and includes others. It makes bad fiction look respectable.

It absurdly claimed Putin needed war on Ukraine to boost his popularity. Polls show it exceeds 85%. No Western politician comes close to matching him.

He says what he means and means what he says, unlike Obama and other duplicitous politicians like him.

It claims government and media hard truths are “lies and propaganda.” It created a fictional account of how Crimea returned to Russia. It wasn’t annexed.

Crimeans overwhelmingly made their own choice democratically by internationally monitored national referendum judged open, free and fair.

It blamed Putin and Donbass freedom fighters for Obama’s war dirty war without mercy – using Kiev’s military as convenient proxies.

It blamed them for downing MH17 despite clear evidence indicating Kiev’s responsibility.

It blustered “Putin must be stopped.” It ignored fascist rule in Europe’s heartland for the first time since WW II – illegitimate, ruthless, a Nazi-infested regime threatening to embroil Europe in conflict.

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