Last Signal Economy Just Died — X22Report

By Susan Duclos

Dave from the X22Report has an excellent rundown of events from the escalation in the Ukraine crisis to the actions and rhetoric from both the US and Russia, but it is at the beginning of his show where he explains what is happening and how all eyes are being deliberately focused on the “stock market,” which is totally separate from the “economy,” and what is being ignored is the retail stores closing, the layoffs, the people leaving the workforce, the unemployment, etc….. and as happened in 1929, that is the “last signal” the economy just died.

For those that do not want to listen to the entire segment, this portion comes before the other topics at the beginning of the video below.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s words should send chills down everyone’s spine when she promises to “do all that I can” to save the national economy.

If that doesn’t project just how close we are to a total wipeout, what does?

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